Special Bonuses for WP DiGiPro V 2.0 ONLY

Bonus #1 - WP Sell Anywhere

With this simple plugin you can create a PayPal button and alternative payment button for those countries where Paypal is not accepted so you don't miss any sales! You can add unlimited products to any WP post or WP page..

Bonus #2 - WP Redirect Pro

This plugin can be used for daily controlling affiliate bonus offers, sales pages and old squeeze pages by always redirecting old traffic to our latest release. The most useful part about a plugin like this is you never lose traffic meaning there's no money been left on the table.

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Bonus #3 - WP Affiliate Profit Plus

The WP Affiliate Profit Plus plugin allows you to make clean looking comparison charts to help boost your affiliate commissions and conversions! You can also use them on your salesletters to help customers identify the difference between each product option.

Bonus #4 - WP Traffic Rescue

WP Traffic Rescue has the ability to sense when someone is about to leave your WordPress website, and it will show a popup for any link that you have chosen! It can be a squeeze page, affiliate link, or your own product at a discount! So many options with this powerful plugin in place!

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Bonus #5 - WP On Fire

Sometimes a website may go down for various reasons. But of these is when your traffic rises and the bandwidth of your web server can't handle anymore - may cause a page not found error.
The good news is that, you can redirect your visitors to different urls (like a mirror website provided by a cdn, a lightweight version of your sales page, a squeeze page etc) when the memory of your website is starting to collapse.

Bonus #6 - Subscribers Only WP Plugin

Set a VIP Type of Blog Post in Your WordPress Blog!

How would you like to have a semi-membership site feature on your blog? Membership plugins are expensive but using these amazing subscribers  only plugin, you can have a post that only your subscribers can read.

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Bonus #7 - Back Control WordPress Plugin

Redirect your visitors to any url, when they click the 'Back' button to return to the previous url and recapture / monetize your lost traffic!
Indeed traffic is very precious to any website owners, bloggers, affiliate marketers or any other online marketers who aims of making money on the internet.
If you want to maximize your marketing efforts and don't want to waste those traffic that you drove to your website, this amazing plugin is a huge help to boost your conversion rate easily. The plugin is lightweight and super easy to install and use in your website.

Bonus #8 - Action Poll

To maximize your email marketing effort, segmenting your list into more targeted people will most likely make you a lot of money for a small effort. It's not about how big your list is but it's about how targeted and relevant is.

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Bonus #9 - Testimonial Tool Software

If you are a digital entrepreneur  selling digital products or services online, having testimonials in your  salespage is essential as this will help convince your readers to buy  your product.
The fact is that, not all products being  sold online have real people who gave testimonials about their products  but merely dummy names and content.
Inside this product is an amazing tool  that will help you generate a convincing testimonials that you can use  in your product salesletter or pages.

Bonus #10 - ComboLok Squeeze Machine

The money is in the list. This is what  most successful internet guru are saying if you really are serious in  making money online.
To get started in doing email marketing,  you must have a squeeze page which will capture your audience's email  address and let your autoresponder do the follow-up to build your  authority and relationship.
The thing is that, creating a squeeze  page can be sometimes techy especially if you are not fond of web  programming. Fortunately, inside this product is a piece of amazing tool  that will help you build well-design optin page or squeeze page almost  instantly.

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Bonus #11 - Lead Book WP Plugin

If you are a series digital marketer,  affiliate marketer, blogger or online entrepreneur, building a list  should be one of your best asset to build online.
Yes, the money is in the list and  whether you believe it or not, email list building is still a numbers  game. That's why if you really want to supercharge your list building  effort, building it on social media is good start using this amazing  tool called Lead Book.

Bonus #12 - FXHotPulse

There are many ways to make money online  and build legit business to it. One of the many choices and ideas is  Foreign Exchange Trading or simply called as Forex.
Forex works almost like trading stocks  to the stock market but in foreign exchange you sell currency value  instead of stocks. Buy and selling currency is indeed crucial if you are  not knowledgeable enough and if you also don't have the right tools to  use.
If you have been in Forex Training  recently, you might already knew how to important to know the hot pulse  of the moment on every seconds to minutes in trading currency.
Inside this product is an amazing tool  that will help you and guide your decision making moment on when to buy  and when to sell your currency value

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Bonus #13 - WP Sticky Bars

Maybe you already have heard the idea of  SCARCITY MARKETING. If not, you maybe already visited a website that  has a countdown numbers on their page just to raise your urge to the buy  their services or their products.
Well, that's very effective to convert  your page very well if you sell something online. The good news is that,  you can also use it for your own project using this amazing tool called  WP Sticky Bars.
This WordPress plugin is so powerful  that the scarcity feature of this plugin is located above the header and  that if you scroll down it will stick above the page. How cool was  that?

Bonus #14 - Tailored Image

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer  or niche marketer, making money online is big to you. That's why you  gave  more time driving traffic into your website.
The thing is that, you won't make a sale if you don't make a connection to your audience and build authority to them.
Fortunately, inside this product is a  good news for you to hear as you are about to learn and experience a  plugin that will help you build connections to your audience right upon  they visit your website.

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Bonus #15 - Sales Page Recycler

If you are an online business owner,  blogger or affiliate marketer, you might already knew the importance of  having a salespage to your product offers.
The thing is that if you have lots of  product to promote, managing and creating salespages for a specific goal  can also be time-consuming.
Well, the good news is that inside this  product is a plugin that will recycle those salespage you have uploaded  already but without duplicating it over and over again as you go along  the process.

Bonus #16 - Keyword Suggestion Software

Are you tired of the things being posted on the internet when you  research something? Is the suggested links that being shown irrelevant  to the one you're looking for?
Then, this product is just perfect for you! This tool will give you a  keyword suggestion that will probably make your search results more  relevant and helpful.

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Bonus #17 - StickyZon


There are a few cases when manually installing a WordPress Plugin is  appropriate. If you wish to control the placement and process of  installing a WordPress Plugin, or If your server does not permit  automatic installation of a WordPress Plugin.
Installation of 'StickyZon'' WordPress plugin manually requires FTP  connection to your server. You can download FileZilla for Windows or  Mac, or any other Safari, Google chrome or Firefox browsers FTP  extension.

Bonus #18 - Facebook Link Post Software


Facebook is one of the best channel to attract website traffic and visit your page offers.
This WordPress plugin allows you to put clickable / linkable call to  action graphics on Facebook, in your timeline, on your fan pages, and  even in groups.

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Semi Exclusive Bonuses: For OTOs ONLY!

Bonus #1 - Sales Funnel Authority


Discover the secrets to creating a sales funnel that turns leads into high-ticket customers! In this course, you’ll find out the steps that successful businesses, entrepreneurs and brands use to convert visitors into customers.

Bonus #2 - Five-Figure Funnel Profits


Traffic is the life-blood of your online business. Yes, this indeed true but if you don’t take advantage in maximizing those traffic, you will lose a lot of traffic without converting them into buyers.

That’s why sales funnel was created few years back and this was really helpful in sorting out the needs of your audience and supply them what they really want. If you are not familiar in setting up these sales funnel, inside this product is a video course that will guide you the right path to a Five-Figure Funnel Profits.

Bonus #3 - The Definitive Autoresponder Frequency Guide


How often should you email your list?

It is going to depend on a whole host of factors, from which niche you’re in, how you got the subscribers in the first place, whether you write friendly emails people love or nails-on-chalkboard emails and so forth.

That said, we do know from experience that the following autoresponder schedule works well for most marketers. It’s based upon what it takes to build a long term positive relationship. Feel free to adjust it according to the results of your own testing. Learn more inside…

Bonus #4 - How To Launch A Digital Product Business


Discover how to start, build and launch your own digital product business without breaking the bank… Find out how to create your first digital product for sale and start getting sales on autopilot!

You’ll learn how you actually go about launching your product and generating huge sales for it.

Bonus #5 - Email List Secrets Step-by-Step Guide


If you listen to pretty much any top marketer, then they will almost always tell you this. They will almost always say that the most important aspect of their marketing – the thing that led to their success – is email. And there’s a very good reason for this.

Discover the step-by-step blueprint to building a thriving email list and increase your profits starting today! Increase your audience as well as increasing engagement. The single most effective way to do that is with email marketing.

Bonus #6 - The New Traffic Generation and Beyond


What you’ll need in order to achieve success is targeted traffic. That means people who are seriously interested in whatever information, product, or service you happen to be promoting.

Get ready to give your business a huge upgrade, because you’re about to discover the time saving, profit boosting magic of Traffic Generation!

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