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Overview :

Product Creator Peter Kwah
Product Name PixMaximiser
Price $16.93
Niche Software
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend

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Facebook hates popup optin forms on landing pages —Google Adwords hates them too.

But, popup optin forms work so darn well to build email lists.


What if you could easily add popup optin forms to your landing pages, in a “unique” way that Facebook and Adwords would accept?

Could you skyrocket your signups, bank more commission, and sell more of your products?

Well, of course you could – when you use a new revolutionary software product called

PixMaximiser …

PixMaximiser magically converts images into optin forms when website visitors hoover over the image.

It’s almost 100% guaranteed that someone reading your sales page or blog blog is going to hoover over an image at some point.

And, when they do, bam


Facebook and Adwords can’t deny your landing pages when you use PixMaximiser  to create optin forms that magically appear inside of an image.

Why? Because the optin form isn’t in the form of a popup box — It’s in the form of an image that magically transforms into an optin form.

I would say that images on your site that transform into email optin forms are BETTER than annoying popup boxes.

PixMaximiser does way more than create 100% white-hat compliant stealthy optin forms.

Use this WP Plugin to transform images into:

[+] PayPal or JVZoo Buy Buttons

[+] Videos uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo

[+] Video with Buy Button combined

I personally love the last bullet point above.

They watch your sales video inside your image — then buy your product inside your image.

How cool is that?


PixMaximiser allows you to easily integrate 3 of the top


[+] Aweber

[+] Getresponse

[+] Mailchimp

Watch as your signups, commissions and product sales skyrocket.

Ok ok, I know your feeling, I don’t lie you, you should read my honest review below and click here to see it in actions right now

What is PixMaximiser?

PixMaximiser is a powerful WP Plugin that displays interactive buy buttons, opt-in forms and even videos on top of regular images when a user hovers with the mouse above. In our tests with PixMaximiser, conversions nearly doubled by having this one element in place.

[+]Easily Build More Leads

[+]Double Your Conversion Rates

[+]Skyrocket your Engagement

Look – it doesn’t even matter what niche you’re in: If you want to make a financial KILLING with little effort, by making simple affiliate sales without any ridiculously complex steps – then PixMaximiser  is made FOR YOU!

Seriously – making commissions has never been easier – just place your buy button on the product image using PixMaximiser and you’re DONE!

How about having a sales video auto-play, or an opt-in form getting you 100s of leads?

Make no mistake: this is the BEST NEW technology unlike anything else on the market right now – which means it’s GUARANTEED to increase conversions and allow you to CRUSH your competition.

AND – it even by-passes ad blockers with flying colors too – so your ads GET to your customers!

PixMaximiser Features

[+]Buy Buttons & Opt-in Forms CRACKED

How about getting 100 new leads today or 10+ new sales in the next 12 hours JUST because of ONE image? This GIF shows you how it works for your visitors

[+]Full-fledged photo editor

Using professional yet intuitive and simple to use features – it’s like you have your own Photoshop for WordPress! Crop, resize, edit and improve with just a push of a button!

How Does It Works?

It works under 3 simple steps below:

-STEP 01: Login to our premium platform, curate an image based on your keyword and edit it with our built-in drag&drop editor.

-STEP 02: Use our “hover technology” to display opt-in forms, buy buttons and more right on TOP of those images to grab visitor attention

-STEP 03: Enjoy profit-sucking, money-making IMAGES for the first time ever!

Who Should Use It?

So the logical question is… Who can benefit from using the world’s FIRST & BEST image marketing software? This is simple…

[+]Any Internet Marketer, regardless of the niche, who wants to make more money

[+]Anyone who values their business and money and is not ready to sacrifice it by wasting hundreds on outdated software when there is a more affordable, all around BETTER alternative

[+]People with products that they want to make more sales from

[+]Video marketers who want to dominate their competition and differentiate in their niche

[+]Lazy people who want easy profits

[+]Marketers just starting out who want the easiest, most hassle free way of making profits

[+]Already successful marketers who want to triple what they’re currently making

Conclusion :

In a nutshell, I’m really thankful to you for keeping up with my PixMaximiser Review to the very end, so you can make the right decision for your own business. Good luck and see you again!

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