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Creating incredible graphics

Overview :

Product Creator Todd Gross
Product Name Designo Pro 2
Front-End Price $27
Niche Graphic Design App
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Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend

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Graphics plays a very important role in the business, especially in online business. It helps convey your messages and most importantly, grab viewers’ attention. However, most people hesitate when it comes to graphics because it is either too expensive to hire someone qualified to do for you, or it requires a lot of energy and time and resources to learn and do on your own.

So I have come to find a solution. A good one, though. It’s called Designo 2.0. It not only provides pre-made graphics templates but it also comes with editors and a whole bunch of other features.

Sounds amazing? Follow my Designo Pro 2 Review and see what feature it can offer!

What is Designo Pro 2?

Designo 2 is a cloud-based graphics design tool that allows you to create and edit images with ease. This app makes use of vector-based graphics. For that reason, your graphics always look incredible. Also, this tool is what enables you to create logo and website banners much simpler than before.

One more thing, the graphics created by the tool can be easily enlarged to billboard-size with the same quality.

Designo Pro actually was launched for a long time and now it is back with more better features. Here is some better features i found.

Feature details

In this part of the Designo Pro 2 Review, I am going to list some outstanding features of the tool:

Amazing design architecture

Instead of using the old, conventional pixels, Designo Pro 2 uses vectors which allows you to create stunning and crisp graphics in any size.

500+ built-in vector templates

These templates are enough for you to use in months. What’s more, you would not have to pay any monthly fee or buy any additional software.

Ready-made designs

Infographics, banners, logos, book covers, flyers, social media covers even cartoon character, all of them can be created by Designo Pro 2.

Drag and drop editor

All you have to do is to click, click and get it done.

Incorporation with video builders

Designo Pro 2.0 corporates SVG vectors, which means you can easily export designs in your video creators such as Explaindio and Sketch Pro.

Now let’s take a look at its feature in summary:

  • More than 500 templates
  • Visual 3D graphics
  • Grid rulers views
  • Layer locking
  • Export to JPG
  • Export to PDF
  • Web API access
  • Visual 3D clothing designs
  • Real mock-ups
  • Image embedding in mock-ups
  • Import your own font
  • Extender color palette

    How does it work?

    Designo Pro 2.0 is very newbie friendly. These are all the steps you have to do:

    Step 1: Choose templates

    Step 2: Edit it

    Step 3: Export and Share

    Who should use it?

    Designo Pro 2.0 is very appealing to a lot of people. Let’s check out!

    • Video marketers: the templates help create amazing videos within seconds.
    • Website owners: if you want to have an attractive website with remarkable graphics, Designo Pro 2.0 is a good option.
    • Affiliate marketers: this tool also works very well for affiliate marketers to create banners and boost click-through rate.
    • Product sellers: amazing graphics adds a lot of value to Product sellers.
    • Offline marketers: printing graphics such as flyers and business cards could be taken with great care by Designo Pro 2.

      Conclusion :

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