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RewardLeads is an automated loyalty program that allows your customers and subscribers to run their own program (or for clients) that helps them:

  1. Build an email list
  2. Get more sales
  3. Increase email engagement
  4. Slash advertising costs

Overview :

Product Creator Steve Benn
Product Name RewardLeads
Price $197
Niche Software
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend

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What is it?

The next generation of digital incentive system, going way beyond the sort of sales and engagement boosts that bonus pages and retargeting advertisement can deliver

RewardLeads allows you to assign incentive points based on sales of your own products and affiliate promotions. As you earn points they are automatically told which incentive you are close to claiming.

That means people buy more often and spend more with you. Once they have enough points, they are automatically sent the reward.

These top buyers can then be sent to specific autoresponder lists and Facebook custom audiences allowing you to boost open rates, lower advertising costs and explode sales!

Create Your Incentives And Rewards – Driving Optins and Sales!Set Triggers Based On Viral Recommendations, Number Of Purchases, Dollar Spend And More…Send Your Best Customers To New Autoresponders And Facebook Audiences… And Banish Your Worst Customers!

Here’s What RewardLeads Will Do For You

  • Send your best customers to your favourite autoresponder
  • Put your biggest buyers on a VIP list
  • Advertise to custom audiences of your buyers
  • Build your list by allowing subscribers to earn points by recommending friends
  • Run Loyalty Programs for clients using RewardLeads
  • Viral List Building of hot leads
  • Reward existing customers with exclusive incentives
  • Boost email engagement by adding buyers and
  • Move low ticket buyers to mid and high ticket
  • Lower advertising costs – just advertise to proven buyers
  • Build custom audiences of your biggest fans
  • Automate all of this!

How does it work?

RewardLeads allows you to assign incentive points based on sales of your own products and affiliate promotions.  As your subscribers earn points they are automatically told which incentive they are close to claiming.


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“Get Instant Access to RewardLeads”

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