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Publishing Empires ​​is a Simple, Easy To Follow ​Step-By-Step Course to Help You Go From Start To Finish, AND Get Publicity To Help Launch Your Books Faster..

Overview :

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Features of Publishing Empires

Creative Opportunities

You have the ideas and recognize you can make what you see on the market better. 

​You know there’s lots of ways your ideas can realistically make you money, and you see the opportunity that lies within.


​While you have the ideas and you’re ready to get started, your mind instantly creates roadblocks to make you think it’s too complicated, too much work, or virtually impossible due to too much time involved. Even worse, you think the technology may be the one biggest issue, especially if you aren’t “techy”.

Yet you know you just need to find the way to get past this, without the hype, and with a simple step-by-step plan.


​​You’re putting your ideas into easy layouts. 

​You recognize it’s a lot easier than you thought, you just needed the design process and tools to keep it simple.


​​You’ve got your design and products all put together. 

​Now you’re ready to publish, get your proofs, approve, and submit to the live stores such as at Amazon, Etsy and others.

Promote & Attract

​​You recognize it’s time to build your audience. You know you need to get followers and visitors, and you’re developing your social media resources and presence. You’re building your email lists and increasing qualified traffic.


​​You’ve built your followers up, now you know it’s time to start warming them to your upcoming new releases. You recognize this will propel your books to the “most popular” lists faster, resulting in more sales and higher incomes. ​This boosts your long term incomes as you have fans on every new book you publish.

Growth & Expansion

​​You’re now earning from your sales and want to maximize your impact and profits by optimizing your results. You may be ready to build a team, OR streamline your processes.

It’s all about consistent growth. (And that includes, continuously creating new projects).

Here’s exactly what is covered in each Module

Module 1

  • The different types of low content books (in detail)
  • Why it’s a perfect business
  • The 7 stages of publishing

Module 2

  • ​The tools for creation
  • Where to prepare to sell on
  • The ones to focus on
  • Branding

Module 3

  • ​How to design your low content books
  • How to use 6 different programs (detailed walk through on every one so you can decide what you want to use)
  • How to lay out each book

Module 4

  • ​Publishing your finished publication on Createspeace, step by step
  • Publishing your product as a printable on Etsy

Module 5

  • ​Setting up your facebook page in a strategic way
  • Your Customer Avatar
  • Posts – what to post, from where, and when

Module 6

  • ​Setting up a simple website (full walk through) so that people can find your books (Amazon estore).
  • Walk thru of setting up your facebook page

Module 7

  • ​Creating your Facebook ads & expanded promotion (in 3 videos)


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“Get Instant Access to Publishing Empires”

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