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Groundbreaking Video Software Allows You To Walk Your Visitors Through Your Page Using Videos That Play On Each Section Of Your Webpage!

LetVidimaze is a groundbreaking video software allows you to walk your visitors through your page using videos that play on each section of your webpage.

Overview :

Product Creator Kimberly de Vries
Product Name LetVidimaze
Price $27
Niche Software
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What is it ?

LetVidimaze is a groundbreaking video software allows you to walk your visitors through your page using videos that play on each section of your webpage.

You heard it right, this video player runs different videos while a visitor runs through your webpage. Basically, taking them by the hand on a guided tour. And with long form webpages being so popular these days, this is exactly what your list needs, irrespective in which niche they are in, you can now take them by the hand and get any visitor to take that call to action. Whether you want your prospects to optin, check out a demo or review video or simply let them make an appointment. LetVidimaze will amaze anyone that land on your site. Go check out the demo further down this page and see the power of guided tours for yourself. Video marketers and conversion specialists was to create a tool that would amaze people with push button simplicity and broad use for each and every niche. And create a tool that would be crazy effective in getting people to take action. And they did it with LetVidimaze.

Features Aimed To Convert & Build Your List Fast!

  • Video Converts … But LetVidimaze makes it Convert Better & Faster
  • Videos that VISIBLY continue playing when a user scrolls down a page!
  • Videos That Will Open Based On The Page Section That Is Viewed!
  • Use The Library Within Dashboard or, Just Easy Upload Your Video in One-Click!
  • Helps Customers Generate More Leads & Sales.
  • Generate 100% Attention Rate!
  • Clip Video On Any Position Of Your Page (Left, Right, Bottom or Top).
  • Fully Customizable Pop Out Video Frames.
  • Integrate With Major Autoresponders
  • Lifetime Price

Why Should You Use It ?

LetVidimaze takes video conversions and makes them 1000X better. By showing the right message, to the right user, at exactly the right time. Here`s how :

  1. Interactive videos let your visitors scroll your page from inside your videos
  2. “Clip” videos to any corner of your screen so users see your messages in a way that adds to their overall site experience
  3. Section-Specific Video Feature : gives your users a “guided tour” of your site and offers with specific videos that play based on the section of your page they’re browsing – a completely unique experience for every single user … this brand new technology has never been available before
  4. Triggered Calls To Action – maximize clicks on your offers with calls to action you can customize to appear based on visitor behaviour
  5. Get MORE Search Traffic – this revolutionary technology grabs attention and keeps it, so users stay on your site longer, and Google rewards you with higher ranking

Check The LetVidimaze Demo!


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