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Harness the Power of Social Media Automation To Get More Leads, Sales And Buyers On Complete Autopilot!

SociAutomate is an easy-to-use, cloud based software designed to find other people’s content that’s primed and ready to go viral…and with a few clicks of your mouse, SociAutomate distributes that content across your social media profiles automatically!

Overview :

Product Creator Glynn Kosky
Product Name SociAutomate
Price $27.95
Niche Affiliate Marketing
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What is it ?

SociAutomate is a cloud based web app that replaces the need for a social media manager by having all of your fan pages and profiles from the various networks under one roof.

Inside SociAutomate, you can follow as many other profiles as you wish, to see their latest and best performing content. You can then draw this content from those profiles into your own “content library” which can then be scheduled to be automatically posted to your own accounts at any times, dates or frequency as you like.

The whole process can be automated and you can build up a huge library of content ready to post whilst your not there. In a nutshell the software allows you to use other peoples content to your own benefit.

You can curate content and fill your library in three ways, by following viral accounts directing inside the app, using the browser extension to create posts from any site or by creating a post within the app.

The SociAutomate software works with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for both curating and posting content and you can use image posts as well as video posts. Large videos can also be cropped inside the software to be more appropriate for Twitter and Instagram.

This SociAutomate software will help you go viral faster than you could ever imagine and will save you countless hours doing everything manually and creating your own content!

Here’s The Incredible Features of SociAutomate…

  • Cloud based web app
  • Allows you to follow various social media accounts and see their latest and best performing posts
  • Works with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • You can then copy these posts to your own social media accounts via the app
  • The posts can be copied for any platform and posted to another. i.e. Instagram -> Facebook, Twitter -> Instagram
  • Works with both images and video posts
  • Large videos can be cropped within the app
  • The posts can be posted immediately or scheduled for a later date
  • Auto schedule features – Just add posts and they go into a schedule of posting
  • Custom schedules – Choose when and how often you post to your profiles
  • Clone Viral profiles – Replicate the top profiles with content that is going viral
  • Recycle evergreen content – Never run out of content
  • Pause and resume queues
  • Post updates from one platform to another with the click of a mouse
  • Spend less time managing your profiles and finding content – Time saving
  • Post image to Instagram from the desktop

What Is The Main Idea Behind SociAutomate?

Do You STRUGGLE To Create Quality Social Media Content That Goes Viral And Gets You Traffic?

There’s no question that the big key to online success is having plenty of traffic.

When you have a steady stream of traffic, getting results like this is easy…

Not Having A Steady Stream Of Traffic Is The Only Thing Holding You Back From 6 Figures Online…

The best way to get traffic for FREE is by giving your audience awesome content that they will like, share, and engage with…

Unfortunately, Most People Fail Online Because They Just Don’t Have Enough Traffic To Make The Kind Of Money They Need…

Not having traffic and sales is just a symptom of a much bigger problem

You Need Quality Content, And Lots Of It To Succeed Online…

Right now, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are GOLD MINES for getting tons of quality, FREE traffic.

Just think about how much time you spend on these social media networks every single day…

If you’re looking for online traffic for affiliate offers, eCom, or even selling your own products…

…you MUST create and distribute content on these social media networks…

But, Creating Content That People Want To Engage With And Share Is Easier Said Than Done…

Most people spend countless hours creating content or spend a small fortuneoutsourcing content creation…

In fact, creating content can be one of the most time-consuming things you do in your online business…

To Get The Content You Need, You Have To:

  • Spend Time Doing Research
  • Create Multiple Pieces Of Content For Testing – Things Like Text Posts, Images, And Videos
  • Post The Content To Social Media And Home It Gets The Engagement You Want

What If There Was A Shortcut To Creating Social Media Content mThat Would Get You Tons Of FREE, Viral Traffic?

What If Instead Of Spending Hours, You Could Have All The Quality, Viral Content You Need In Just Minutes?

The Good News Is… There Is!

And That’s Why SociAutomate Was Born…..

How Does SociAutomate Work?

Get FREE Viral Traffic With SociAutomate In Just 3 Simple Steps:

=> Step #1:

  • Login To SociAutomate And Link Your Social Media Accounts

=> Step #2:

  • Tell SociAutomate Which Accounts To Follow & Then Add Content From These Accounts To Your Content Libraries

=> Step #3:

Schedule Content In Your Library To Post Automatically To Your Social Media Accounts As Often As You Want


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