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“All You Need to Know Before You Buy It”

The first thing you need to do to get a sale is that you have to get an audience first. In a crowded market, you have to scream out loud to get a passerby. Then, you have to maintain their interest in your product and finally, convince them to buy it.

The same thing happens in the online market. However, getting audience’s attention is getting harder. Text post, image, and even video are even getting saturated. So, you have to think of a new way. And that’s why I want you to read this Flicktive Review to find your way.

Overview :

Product Creator Brett Ingram
Product Name Flicktive
Price $27
Niche Software
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What Is Flicktive?

Of course, a high quality and well-prepared content is always a good opportunity to approach your customers. And if you can take advantage of the motion effect in your ad, it’ll be better. This’s how the idea of Flicktive came up.

Research has shown that our eyes tend to detect motion. This answers why video is considered as more effective than a standstill image. However, overuse of video makes your audience bored. To solve this problem, Flicktive leverage the motion in video and the convenience of the image.

In short, Flicktive allows you to create eye-catching content to focus on capturing leads. To find out how it does it, continue my Flicktive review.

The Main Features

To clear your understanding, my Flicktive review will give a short look at the key features of this product.

  • Run smoothly and quickly without conflicting or crashing
  • Newbie friendly interface with clear tab and dashboard
  • Full of available content to hijack and edit the library
  • Search video on YouTube easily, or you can upload your own videos
  • Easily to editing the chosen video: choose the animated and standstill parts like coloring the painting
  • Tools to add and edit the text box inside
  • Quickly connect to many popular sites such as FB, Instagram, Twitter, .. to post automatically
  • Schedule feature to delay your post as you wish
  • Option to download the work after edited
  • Option to turn the original content into the image of video format!

Flicktive’s Developers

Flicktive was developed by Brett Ingram and his companion. He has been a marketer for years with experience. So, you can trust the practicality of his products.

Brett has launched many products on JVZoo with 6-figure value. In the last 6 months, he has 3 products ranked as JVZoo Products of the day. You can check out some of his works such as Vizully, Quotamator, SociDynamo, …

How To Use

Based on the powerful system, Flicktive doesn’t require much hard work to run. In contrast, it can easily be set up to create creative, catchy and viral content, helping you to improve the engagement on all kinds of social platforms, and then increasing the converting rate.

Like other creator apps, the manual can be shorten into 3 steps: choosing the original content, editing and customizing it, and publishing on your social media. For more visual instruction, you can check the demo video:


In a nutshell, I’m really thankful to you for keeping up with my Flicktive Review to the very end, so you can make the right decision for your own business. Good luck and see you again!

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