If you could spend just $8 on traffic and make $90, the question is how many $8 investments in traffic would you make?

List Profits Blueprint is an exclusive list building membership that launched late last year and hundreds of members have been quietly using it to build big lists of targeted subscribers generating clicks for as little as 4 cents and converting 70% to subscribers

The membership has been closed to new members for months but opens again today for a 5 day launch and you won’t want to miss checking this out

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We have all heard the money is in the list and it is but building a list is not that easy to do and it can cost a fortune buying solo ad traffic or Facebook ads that you must wait weeks and months just to get your money back

This exclusive membership changes all of that and works with small traffic investments that can cost as little as $8 for a 2-week campaign and the cool thing is because this traffic is laser targeted members make OTO sales off the bat so effectively getting paid to build a list

The system works for anyone and you don’t need any experience, an existing list or big budget

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Click the link to read real member reviews from ordinary people who have been using the system to build their list and make auto-pilot sales, Daniel Markz managed to get an 83% open rate to his welcome email and he’s averaging 23% on his follow ups which is outstanding, and you will see real life proof from several others

List building is not an option, it’s essential to build any online business and once you have a list you can earn money every day and be building an online asset that increases with every new subscriber you add so click the link to check this system out

<Link here>

It’s only open for a maximum of 5 days or until they reach the target membership base at which point it will close its doors again

If you do manage to get in, you get a lifetime access with no monthly fees and you won’t believe the cost if you act fast.