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“Best New Image collection with copyright-free and non-attribution basis and include commercial licencing”

Mesmeric Collection is the “creme de la creme” the best of the best a stunning collection containing 12,640 of my most . These are images that are guaranteed to jump off the page and set the pulses of your audience racing. No matter what type of marketing you do…it’s essential that you provide an entertaining and professional impression on your audience and the wide selection of unique hand-picked images in The Mesmeric Collection will make that child’s play. The Mesmeric Collection is an enormous selection of unique images that ooze emotion and energy and carry your marketing to exciting new levels of entertainment and professionalism. Everyone needs images for their marketing and in the Mesmeric Collection from DigiProduct Images, you will be getting the cream of the crop the very best high-impact images to energize all their marketing promotions. Images of animals are especially appealing in social media and Facebook Marketers will certainly love this massive collection of high-quality emotion-filled images. Having a professsional-looking high-impact images is essential for success online nowadays and the high-impact high-quality images included in DigiProduct Images makes it child’s play to create great looking marketing promotions.

Overview :

Product Creator David Watson
Product Name Mesmeric Collection
Price $17.65
Niche Video 
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What Is It ?

There’s 12,640 stunning images in the Mesmeric Collection, covering a wide variety of situations, so there’s be something for almost every possibility and there’s also highly-relevant upsells enticing customers to increase their investment.Because we’re coming up to the holiday period there are over 2500 seasonl images perfect for the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year festivities. Expect high conversions, great commissions, and HAPPY customers. The High-Impact Images included in the Mesmeric Collection are applicable for all situations and niches. So, no matter what type of list you have (Online, Offline, Facebook, Video, CPA, Pinterest, Amazon, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter), the Mesmeric Collection images will work for your list. The upsell products in the sales funnel are designed to be highly-relevant to the front-end offer to ensure maximum conversions and maximum profits for you. Never again pay exorbitant fees for single images. DigiProduct Images Mesmeric Collection is a one-time fee for 12,640 images. As you must know from experience, buying only a handful of images from stock photo websites can pretty much put a serious dent in your pocket. In fact it is not uncommon to find a single image sold for $40, so unless your marketing budget is in the $1000s you will likely shy away from these expensive stock images sites. DigiProduct Images Mesmeric Collection provides the ideal solution for less than the price of a single image at most stock photo sites you can download 12,640 hand-selected high-impact images.

Mesmeric Collection FEATURE :

Mesmeric Collection OTO / Upsell :

Massive pack of 12,640 high-impact premium categorised stock images for use with any video creation software, websites, product creation, or business reports. Includes over 2500 seasonal images perfect for Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving.

Additional pack of 13,106 high-impact premium stock images of PEOPLE for use with any video creation software, websites, product creation, or business reports.

Massive pack of 514 high-impact royalty-free music tracks for use with any video creation software. The same music tracks that I currently use in my own promo videos.

Mesmeric Collection Testimony

“You demonstrated that you have the customer at heart”
I was hesitant until I saw the quality and the volume. The price and quality are top of the line. I knew the files would be large as a result and downloading time would be worth the effort just to have this arsenal at my fingertips. I’m using your images and videos for everything from book cover backgrounds, app screenshot backgrounds, web page sliders, video components and flyer backgrounds, pdfs, powerpoint, brochure and greeting card design, etc. The consistent quality of your product clearly reflects extraordinary effort to create the massive library you put together. It’s obvious you didn’t take any shortcuts to sprinkle in low quality images just to save time and make a fast dollar. Your thought and scrutiny prior to placing DigiProduct on the market is obvious. I appreciate the patience and care it took to put DigiProduct Images together and offer it for such a low price. You demonstrated that you have the customer at heart. The convenience to access products at will and use them on the fly makes me more enthusiastic about my work and gives a sense of extra empowerment and freedom. – John Gutierrez

“The Free Image Gift persuaded me”
Hi, David. The Free Image Gift persuaded me to buy a couple of your image/video packs. The packs I’ve bought have paid for themselves many times over, and my clients have been very happy with the results on case studies, ebook covers, and the like. – Tamatha-Lynn Campbell

“I expect to be using these fantastic images for years to come in all of my projects”
When I first discovered the DigiProduct images …I knew I wanted this product. I was drawn to the high-resolution quality and the variety of the images. There are so many usable categories. I found them great to illustrate posts and to improve the quality of my videos. Another surprising use for these images is as inspiration for my paintings. I paint watercolors from photographs and sell them online. I expect to be using these fantastic images for years to come in all of my projects. Before I started using DigiProduct Images, my sales were stale and my videos weren’t vibrant and exciting …but now … my marketing’s so hot…I can boil water. – Scott Shannon

“I expect nothing but the best from you and you always deliver!”
I like to do inspirational posts on FB to promote my websites so the variety is a big help. I expect nothing but the best from you and you always deliver! The images are always high resolution which enables me to also use them in my slide videos enabling full screen without any distortion. Of course I also use your videos for my presentations for the same reasons. – Scott Vogel

“I’d be an idiot not to take advantage of this”
What I’d consider the best bucks I’ve EVER spent on images and resources. I found, in just one of the categories, more than 10 awesome images I can use in a brand I’m building…would have cost me lots anywhere else…and there’s still over 10k more to look through. I thought with the tens of thousands of images ,assets and resources I had, that I didn’t need more…but it was truly a wise investment…This is one of those offers where you say…I’d be an idiot not to take advantage of this. – Viki Pravdica

“AWESOME pictures!”
Thank you so much for your AWESOME pictures. Much appreciated! How generous of you to include so many amazing photos! – Ingo Zen

“They’re original”
I am delighted, quality images, they’re original. Useful for marketing that I do.Thanks. – Goran Pesic

“Amazing work!”
Thanks David…I’ve really enjoyed your packages. Amazing work!! I really do enjoy your pics and videos. – Alexa Zalopany Casey

DigiProduct Images The Mesmeric Collection

Here’s a small sample of the 12,640 Mesmerizing Images you will receive Today.

  • 12,640 stunning hi-def images
  • Copyright-free and Royalty-free
  • Commercial License included
  • Unlimited use for your own projects and client projects

‘Tis the Season to be jolly…

Because it’s coming up to the holiday season…there’s a special section of over 2500 images filled with winter, Christmas, and New Year images…

  • 12,640 stunning hi-def images
  • Copyright-free and Royalty-free
  • Commercial License included
  • Unlimited use for your own projects and client projects

You Want To Save Money…And Save Time…Don’t You?

Forget the exhorbitant fees you get charged at the usual websites for regular photos. This pack contains unique, beautiful images that won’t break the bank. There are no hidden costs…with our one-time fee you don’t have to worry about spending money for every image you use. AND…forget about spending hours searching for one single perfect photo. With The Mesmeric Collection on your computer, stunning images are instantly available with just a click of the mouse.
The DigiProduct Images Mesmeric Collection has something for everyone…The potential for this graphics pack is almost endless…and you can use them with complete confidence in all your marketing campaigns.

  • 12,640 stunning hi-def images
  • Copyright-free and Royalty-free
  • Commercial License included
  • Unlimited use for your own projects and client projects


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