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Discover How To Build A Membership/ WordPress Online Course Site To Sell And Deliver Your Online Courses in Minutes (Fast Like A Gecko)!

Fastgecko is complete online e-learning course generation tool. It lets you create, design, manage an E-learning Website all in WordPress.

Fastgecko is an effective, easy to use WordPress Plugin that enables you to generate business, while avoiding all the technical aspects of online course generating software and enables you to control it all in just one place!

Imagine being able to compact a large amount of tangled information into a manageable course that can be sold, instantly . Fastgecko:

Lets you create an eLearning course in 5 simple steps

Saves you time so that you can spend time promoting and not creating your course

Allows you to create your courses easily, with the Course Builder and Drag & Drop functionalities.

Provides you with added security via the in-built ‘Fastgecko Security’ functionality.

Collect payment via the internal payment processing system.

Overview :

Product Creator Delilah Taylor
Product Name Fastgecko
Price $97
Niche WP Plugins
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What is it ?

Fastgecko is the most innovative and easiest to use wordpress membership / LMS plugin on planet earth that will help you build your online course site fast like a gecko!

The Features

Here’s The Incredible Features of Fastgecko …

  • The Fastest Way To Create An Online Course – With the Gecko Setup Wizard you run through 5 simple steps to create & finish your online course in minutes… You will save a lot of time. So you can concentrate on the really important things – getting your course ready for sale.
  • No Frustration: Simple Course Creation – With the internal Course Builder you can create your course modules and lessons fast and simple per drag & drop.
  • Your Online Course Should Not Get Stolen – Security is a big thing right? Especially when you´ve put a lot of effort in your course’s content. To protect your content they built Fastgecko Security! With this built-in feature you can restrict all your files. So they are not accessible by unauthorized users!
  • Impress Your Customers – Your course content is a highly valuable thing for your customers – it should also look like this… Fastgecko offers you different design templates to make sure that your E-Learning / Membership site looks awesome! It’s a fact that if you will impress your customers, your cancellation quota will decrease dramatically.
  • Save Money + More Sales with Cross-selling – With the Gecko internal Payment function you can create an internal checkout like in an Onlineshop. Your benefits: easily do cross-selling between your courses, Save the Clickbank, JVzoo or Digistore24 fees! = More revenue for you!
  • You can also connect Fastgecko with your favorite shopping carts: ClickBank, JVZoo, PayPay, Stripe

The Benefits With Fastgecko : 

  • Extremely Fast – With Fastgecko you can create E-learning & Membership Sites in minutes not days! (Fast like a Gecko!)
  • Easy & Comfortable to Use – The Fastgecko is very easy and simple to use. They built it for onlineteachers – not programmers!
  • High Security Standards  You put a lot of effort in creating your content. Gecko Security get sure that it doesn’t get stolen!

How It Works :

Fastgecko was created to be incredibly simple. It was developed on the premise that it helps you build a successful course in minutes. The entire process is as easy as this:

Step 1: Visit Fastgecko, sign up and log in, by clicking HERE
Step 2: Download the Fastgecko plugin from your Fastgecko account,
Step 3: In a separate/new tab, log in to your WordPress account, and in the back-end install and activate the plugin.
Step 4: Select the Fastgecko plugin in your WordPress Admin Panel
Step 5: Click on “Add new Product” .
Step 6: Now comes the first step of course creation; you need to add your Product Data. Give your course an image, title and description and click continue.
Step 7: Now its time to add the content of your course. Click edit content and you will be taken to an interface that starts with “Module 1”. Again add a title and description of this module.
Step 8: Now click on “Lessons” to add your first lesson to the first module. You can insert and upload text, images, videos or external links (e.g. Youtube Videos) by using the simple interface:

Additionally, when you upload media, you will be presented with a message asking if you would like to restrict access – this is the enhanced security feature and can ensure only select members can view certain content.

Step 9: Create more lessons in Module 1, if required, by following Step 8.
Step 10: Create Module 2, and the associated lessons, by following Step 8
Step 11: Create Module 3, and the associated lessons, by following Step 8. And so on and so forth until you have your required level of Modules and Lessons.
Step 12: Click save – its now time to edit the Product Type. The Product Type defines the frequency in which the customer will receive the course if they purchase.

You have three choices:

– Standard – all lessons are available straight away

– Sequential – not all modules accessible immediately; and modules are available at certain time intervals

– Periodic – if you have a seasonal product, you can set this option. This is where certain modules and lessons are available in only  certain months.

Step 13: Its now time to establish the design of your course.  Click the design button and now choose the colour  scheme to accompany your material: Dark, Light, or even a certain colour
Step 14: Now select your module layout, how you want your course to appear. Do you want a list, or cards? Or even a blank layout?
Step 15: The Last step of the course creation, is setting up the payment options. Here you can make your course free, take payment via an external payment processor, or even set up an internal checkout ton collect payments onsite.
Step 16: Hit save, your course is now ready!

Who Should Buy This ?

Unrivaled Review strongly recommends Fastgecko if you own a WordPress site and are not quite sure how to monetize. If you do not yet have a product, or are not yet making an income, Fastgecko can be a really powerful option in making this possible, and very quickly.

We also recommend Fastgecko to anyone yet to start up in the eLearning space, and are looking to create an online course. These can be incredibly lucrative and Fastgecko offers us an affordable and effective solution.


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