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A Powerful Targeted FB Posting Tool That Increase Your Reach in Facebook Groups, Generating more Traffic, Leads, and Sales!

Social System Elite A Targeted FB Posting tool, that you tell it exactly where to post, what to post, and allow you to bump those posts to keep your reach higher, traffic coming in and leads while you work on other aspects of your business. Social System Elite is so powerful, it is like the bullets in the gun of a soldier. The more bullets you have, the more ready you are to face the battle. And there is no question about it – selling products is like a battle because there are so many competitors out there selling stuff. A Social System Elite will give you that competitive edge.

Overview :

Product Creator TJ Gaushas
Product Name Social System Elite
Front-End Price $27.50 to $47
Niche Software 
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What is it ?

Social System Elite is a powerful targeted FaceBook posting tool, that you tell it exactly where to post, what to post, and allow you to bump those posts to keep your reach higher, traffic coming in and leads while you work on other aspects of your business.

Social System Elite will…

  • Automatically Deliver Your Post to 100’s of groups while you get on with your day, simple set and forget!
  • Reach 1000’s Of People with the one click bump function to keep your posts at the top of the groups and driving you fresh traffic!
  • Use Inteli-Bump to stop looking like your just spamming the groups, the clever way to keep your business growing 24/7!

Social System Elite FEATURE :

Post to targeted groups on autopilot easily with this software.

  • No more daunting tasks doing it manually

Bump those posts (hidden or visible)

  • Post updates to your original posts, or just bump it to update activity pushing
  • it back to the top in the groups news fee

By bumping posts you get back in-front of the active group members

  • Increasing reach (likes, shares, comments)
  • Increasing click through rates
  • Increasing Leads
  • Increasing Sales

Import posts for bumping, or Export post data for your own logs

How Does It Works ?

Social System Elite works in 3 simple steps…

  1. POST – In just a few clicks you all setup ready to roll and most importantly post your message into 100’s of FB Groups in just a few clicks.
  2. BUMP – Leverage your previous post and bump it back up to the top of the group as often as you want, plus utilize the intelligent technology to hide it and stop it seeming like spam to admins and group moderators.
  3. RE-RUN – Why stop at just one bump? keep it up at the top and use the intel-bump feature to stop it being seen as spam with 100’s of comments underneath of you typing the word “bump” or be seen doing it every hour to keep the group members happy.

Why Shoud You Get It Today ?


  • Easy to use
  • Targeted posting to the groups you select
  • Batch posting to stay under the radar with daily limits
  • Humanized posting replicates posting as if you were doing it manually
  • Shown or hidden bumping of your post to keep your post relevant
  • Does not use the FB API, there for posts as you and not an app name
  • Batch Posting allows you to set the number of posts to make before delaying for your next batch


  • It’s slower posting (because it replicates you actually making the post manually)
  • Uses a real browser (Chrome) to act/look more humanized and behave as if you were posting yourself
  • No multi-threading (humans cant post in more than 1 place at a time nor will this software to be humanized)


  • Social System Elite FB Software
  • Access to training videos
  • Access to our world class support
  • Updates for 12 months
  • Future videos with tips and tricks using the software


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