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The Fruitphul Platform is divided into two parts, a high-quality training, and unique cloud-based software!

As marketers, we all know the importance of video in marketing. Viewers have many choices for their eyes, and they prefer videos rather than pure content. That is the reason for the development of video marketing. More and more marketers choose it but sometimes it takes a while to produce quality results especially if when you work alone.

If you agree with me, you need an effective tool to help you do the hard work. In my FruitPhul Review today, I want to introduce a cutting-edge productivity app combined with a high-quality outsourcing training from Ben Murray. This system helped him go from $400 to $1.2 million in a few months. Let’s follow the next parts to see how it can do that.

Overview :

Product Creator Ben Murray
Product Name Fruitphul
Price $37
Niche Video
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What Is It?

FruitPhul is a two-in-one system including a high-quality training and a new cloud-based app. It uses a breakthrough technology and system of leverage to let you accomplish in business and life.

About the author

Ben Murray is the guy behind FruitPhul. He is a digital marketer and experienced software creator. He has succeeded in many product launches such as Shopirater, WP Theme Ultima, SociVideo Jukebox, LeadLock Pro and SERPScribe, etc.

A few months ago, he and his teammates did a survey on the issue that most of the marketers have to face with. It is “time”! After getting the result, they took a long time to compile and launch the system and software Ben used to get $300 per month to over 7 figures in sales. That leads us to the FruitPhul today.

Features of FruitPhul

Part 1: The in-depth training

This is a high-quality course integrated with teachable.com.in. There are nine modules and 54 HD videos with transcripts, exercises, resources, and more. Inside this training, you will learn so many things.

  • The breakthrough Fruitphul strategy of reaching the goals in 1/100 of the time you often have to spend when using micro-breaking and leverage assigning.
  • Outsourcing, scaling and hiring strategies. They are to put your business on autopilot. Even when you think you have no budget to begin delegating tasks.
  • Even you have no time to work yourself, the strategies here are to ‘free up time’ and focus on all the tasks that matter most to you.
  • You will get the systematic and scientific ways to ‘reprogram’ your mind. The results will come automatically.
  • Both internal and external things are sabotaging you from productive to successful and happier.
  • “Static productivity” drives so many businesses and people into the ground. So you never get caught in this dangerous trap
  • It is so amazing when you can improve not your business but your life all in a system. FruitPhul shows you what you should eat and how to do exercise to get tons of high-quality energy and focus.

You will have the right way to create a personal success ritual that produces drastic results long term. The reasons why most ‘morning routines’ and pricey journals ‘gurus’ push don’t work will be shown with “Handheld” examples of applying these strategies to real-life goals.

Part 2: Cloud base software

The Fruitphul platform comes with a custom software to help implement the exact information and systems in training. There are famous ’80/20 rule’ from a general rule of thumb. You should systematize it to gain high amounts of leverage and accomplish goals both business-wise and personally.

Assign ‘Leverage value scores’

There are color-coded ‘leverage scores’ with 1 to 10 commonly done tasks you want to work toward. It helps you to prioritize and track how the impact in long term to achieve big goals. It will show you where you would put your time to be more productive.

Strategic, color-coded to-do list of “Microtasks.”

This app creates and views lists get started with ‘microtasks.’ They are colored coded and synced to a leverage value you want.

Schedule, recorder, set “reminders.”

Your high leverage tasks, reschedule microtasks can’t be done to free up headspace and avoid cognitive dissonance, reorder or ‘roll over’ tasks. There is a calendar used to assign your time to work effectively.

Track time spent doing tasks

This app records each microtask or manually enters the time on the desktop or on your phone so that you can control easily.

Analytics to manage your time

How much time is spent on your specific ‘Leverage Value Tasks’? Whether it is on high or low-value tasks in general? You will know that.

You will not spend as much time as you thought on those higher leverage, and more vital tasks. Then you can quickly make changes and save weeks.

Who Should Use It?

Anyone can use it system. It is not only for your business, but also for your life.

  • Social Marketers, video marketers, CPA Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Businesses owners
  • Freelancers


In a nutshell, I’m really thankful to you for keeping up with my Fruitphul Review to the very end, so you can make the right decision for your own business. Good luck and see you again!

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