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“Best New WP Plugin for Back Button Redirection in the Browser”

Profit Back Button is simple and effective, increase your commissions quickly without doing anything, you have configuration options that make it the most powerful in the market and also at the lowest price, that’s why in funnel I have put another of the best plugin for affiliation and cpa, that the user will have the option to buy and earn another great commission.

Simple and Effective Plugin for Back Button Redirection in the Browser. Any user who clicks the back button of the browser will be redirected to the url you specify, thus obtaining greater conversions in our affiliate systems, without doing practically nothing.

Overview :

Product Creator Carlos Campos
Product Name Profit Back Button
Price $8
Niche Affiliate Marketing
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


Profit Back Button FEATURE :

Thanks to the statistics plugin you can review, study and control everything that happens through the back button of the browser.

Hide To Referer
With this option you can disable the redirection to specific Referer

Block Bot
You can activate the option to block the most important Bots.

Only Once
You can activate the option to show only once the redirection for the same visit.

Easy Choose Post/Page
In a simple screen you can choose all the pages or specific pages/posts with a click of the mouse.

Diferent Target URL
You can choose between a generic or a specific one for each post or page.

Profit Back Button REVIEW

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A BRAND NEW plugin just came out that is a must have for your wordpress sites…It’s time to double your winnings with just one button Profit Back Button has arrived. You can control everything that happens with the back button of the browser. All in one screen and one click of the mouse It’s time to solve all this.


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