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Overview :

Product Creator Kimberly de Vries
Product Name LetImpact
Price $32
Niche Software
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What Is LetImpact?

LetImpact (SocialProof) creates CLICKABLE Call Out Notifications that can be redirected to any URL you please. Lead your visitor to an offer he can’t refuses or use our VIRAL LOOP Module that will put your List Building on Steroids!

LetImpact (SocialProof) helps you sky-rocket your website conversions by displaying recent sales and opt-ins! It uses the “Wisdom of the Crowds” social proof appeals to our sense of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO): When lots of people are using or buying a product, others want to follow suit.

This type of social proof is approval from large groups of other people. It’s showing evidence that hundreds, thousands, millions, or even billions have taken the action that the company wants you to take – making a purchase, subscribing, etc.

We kind of joke about FOMO in pop culture, but actually the Fear of Missing Out is a real thing. It’s a form of social anxiety, and it’s a compulsive concern that one might miss out on an opportunity. This anxiety is especially relevant for social media, as the sharing of what’s going on in our daily lives means you can constantly compare your status to others on these platforms.

For marketers, the phenomenon holds enormous possibilities and shouldn’t be ignored. More than half of social media users say they worry about missing something — breaking news, an event, or an important status update — and they take steps to ensure they don’t miss out. Leveraging FOMO in your marketing plan can be a powerful tool for for any online business owner to drive purchase intent.

How Does LetImpact Work?

What Are The Great Features of LetImpact?

Use Of LetImpact Social Proof With Unlimited Call-Out Notifications For A Single Domain (up to 10,000 visitors).
Clickable Call-Out Notification To Redirect To Any URL You Choose!
Animate Call-Out Notification for Maximum Exposure!
VIRAL List Building With LetImpact Viral Loop Module!
Analyze & Optimize Your Campaigns With Impression & Click Reporting Basic.
Edit & Use Text Formatting Options In Your Call-Out Notification Messages (Bold/ Italics / Underline) And Preview Your Notification Layout With Live Notification Preview.
Choose When The First Call-Out Notification Appears, How Long It Stays Open AND The Interval Between Notifications.
Ability To ADD Your Own Call-Out Notifications!
Use Different Call-Out Notification Campaigns Throughout Your Site.
Brand Your Call-Out Notifications With Custom Images!
Enable User Location Pointer To Display The Locations Of The User That Performed A Social Proof Activity.
Easy Platform Integration With Membership Platforms, Major Autoresponders, Affiliate Platforms, Pagebuilders and Shopping Cart Solutions.
Clean Dashboard For Managing All Your Social Proof Campaigns For Your Domain.
Earn Affiliate Commissions By Adding Your Own Affiliate Link For LetImpact!
Simple installation by just adding the LetImpact Pixel on your Site.

Conclusion :

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