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“How to rank any website in any niche in 2017 And of course you are also getting the natural byproduct of Google rankings which is increased traffic”

The MarketerSeal SEO training has actually been through 4 different updates already, but the latest update is the biggest yet and Matthew is spreading the word more than ever.

The training focuses on building a PBN (Private Blog Network) to attain website rankings and traffic.

Overview :

Product Creator Matthew Woodward
Product Name MarketerSeal SEO Certification
Price $497
Niche SEO & Traffic
Bonuses Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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MarketerSeal SEO Introduction

Google’s search rankings are heavily based on authority which is why when you search for just about anything, its page on an authority website will be one of the first – if not the first – results you will see.

For example, if you search for the name of a historic event, its Wikipedia page will likely come up first.

If you search for the name of a professional baseball player, his profile on MLB.com, ESPN.com or his team’s official site will probably come up first.

If you search for an actor or actress, their IMDB profile or Wikipedia entry will come up first.

And generally the results that follow are also authority websites.

So in other words the days of registering johndoe.com and ranking #1 for “John Doe” are over (these were known as EMDs or Exact Match Domains).

The rise to power of authority websites made everyone that was not associated with an authority website have to go back to the drawing board with their SEO strategies and methods.

This was around the time when the Private Blog Network – which I will refer to as “PBN” from this point forward – became the most viable option for “everyone else”.

Basically, a PBN is your own private network of websites that are used to post backlinks to your money sites.

Since you own the PBN domains, you can use all of its “link juice” for your own web properties and nobody else’s.

For example, in the past webmasters would commonly dump their backlinks on as many websites as they could which is why guestbooks and blog comments were among the most popular destinations for a backlink to be posted.

The problem is everyone else is posting their backlinks to the same guestbooks and blog comments as you, so it devalues the individual backlinks overall when there are hundreds or thousands of outbound links on a single page.

Well, with a PBN, you could have 3 backlinks on the entire home page (as an example) and one of those is your money site and since there are only 3 outbound links total, each link would carry more weight.

Now of course there are several other factors. For example, each domain has a lot of metrics that determine its overall authority and a PBN that consists of higher authority domains is usually going to benefit its owner more than a PBN with lower authority domains.

But the problem with PBNs is they are a clear violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines because – well – they are made to artificially impact website rankings.

The website owner is posting backlinks to their money site on “other” websites while trying to create the impression that those backlinks came about naturally when in fact they were not.

But since 99% of us are not ESPN, Wikipedia, IMDB or CNN, Google has forced us to play our hands this way.

So as time went by, Google obviously went after these PBNs and found ways to systematically discover them and shut them down which made the importance of carefully building a PBN became that much more important.

Since every domain in your PBN costs money – and sometimes a lot of money –  this is not something you want to be unsure about; you need some peace of mind that your PBN is protected against the constant threat of being penalized and/or deindexed.

This is where Matthew Woodward’s training comes in.

Among the many things you learn in MarketerSeal SEO, you do not just learn how to build the most powerful PBN within your budget, but you also learn how to keep that PBN safe and protected at all times in 2017.

Now let’s move into the MarketerSeal SEO training itself. In the next section of my review, I will report to you on the actual course from my perspectives as a student and product reviewer.

To give you an idea of the MarketerSeal SEO Certification course materials and how it is structured and organized, these are the training modules:

1. An Introduction to Private Blog Networks

– Defining the Perfect Backlink
– What is a PBN?
– Revealing the True Power of PBNs
– The Hidden PBN Advantage
– The Risks of PBNs
– The One Type of Blog Network You Must Avoid

2. Planning a Powerful Network

– The PBN Process
– The Cost of Building a PBN
– Planning Wrap Up

3. Hosting Your Private Network

– How to Avoid Leaving a Hosting Footprint
– Finding PBN Hosts
– Cloud Hosting Option #1
– Cloud Hosting Option #2
– Hosting Wrap Up

4. Finding High Quality Domains For Your Network

– The Domain Expiration Process
– Types of Expired Domains
– Understanding Key Domain Metrics
– Other Things to Check
– Reducing Your Networks Domain Footprint
– Final Domain Buying Checklist
– Expired Domain Source #1-#14
– Bonus Expired Domain Source (Matthew’s personal broker)
– Finding High Quality Domains Wrap Up

5. Building Your Sites To Stay Under Google’s Radar

– WordPress PBN: The Basics
– WordPress PBN: Hiding Your Network From Competition
– WordPress PBN: Essential Settings
– WordPress PBN: Design & Layout
– WordPress PBN: Plugins
– WordPress PBN: Content, Comments & Pages
– WordPress PBN: Sprinkling the Magic Fairy Dust
– WordPress PBN: Congratulations
– WordPress PBN Site Building Hack #1
– WordPress PBN Site Building Hack #2
– Building Your Site Wrap Up

6. Private Blog Network Linking Strategies

– Timing is Everything
– Place Your Links Carefully
– Control Your Anchors to Avoid Detection
– How to Avoid Leaving a Linking Footprint
– Linking Strategies Wrap Up

7. Managing Your Private Blog Network

– Network Management Tools #1-#4
– Manual Network Management
– Network Management Wrap Up

8. How to Avoid Leaving Footprints Behind

9. Other Things You Can Do With Your PBN

10. Learning Resources & Additional Materials

Things You Will Learn

✓ How to rank any website in 2017

✓ How to create a private and secure PBN

✓ How you should NOT build a PBN

✓ How to build your network within specific budgets and save money

✓ Learn the best and most affordable hosts for your PBN

✓ What specific metrics you should be looking out for when looking for domains for your network

✓ 15 different sources where you can find domains

✓ Contact info for Matthew Woodward’s personal domain broker

✓ The cheapest way to source quality relevant content for your network sites

✓ How to keep your PBN hidden so nobody else can find out your domains

✓ The best ways to use your PBN sites to boost rankings for your money sites

✓ 4 different methods to manage, monitor & maintain your network

✓ How to avoid leaving footprints that can result in your domains being penalized and/or deindexed

✓ Easy to follow step-by-step blueprints and checklists to make the process extremely user-friendly

What’s Inside The Training?

✓ 10 modules

✓ 53 lessons

✓ 39 videos

✓ 6 cheat sheets

✓ All lessons presented in text, image or video formats

✓ All videos are available as text/image as well

✓ Certification includes 6 exams (5 module-specific exams and 1 final exam)

✓ Physical certification will be issued upon successfully passing the final exam


In a nutshell, I’m really thankful to you for keeping up with my MarketerSeal Review to the very end, so you can make the right decision for your own business. Good luck and see you again!

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