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“Capture You Visitors And Turn Them Into Prospects With Speakable Page”

SpeakEz is a powerful app which allows you to create speakable pages ad GIF images easily.

Overview :

Product Creator Declan Mc
Product Name SpeakEz
Price  $27
Niche Software
Bonus Yes, CHECK NOW
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend


What Is SpeakEz?

Nowadays, people tend to use mobile to consume content online. And they also prefer watching and listening to videos to reading the text. Do you know the fact that there is just only 16% of visitors to websites read entire page word by word?

This is why almost all visitors do not read valuable information which you offer. Because of feeling a bit bored with content with only text, they will scroll down the page and spend just a seconds to obtain some information.

There is no doubt that you waste tons of time and money constructing content, but the visitors just ignore it and do not read your story. As a result, I want to present a brand new product that can help you deal with these problems.

Introducing: SpeakEz

SpeakEz is a web-based application (SaaS) that enables you to add speech to your website with only a few clicks of a mouse, talk to your visitors in their local language, change pitch and speech rate, select your own custom play buttons and autoplays if you choose to select this option. Plus, you can add animated GIFs (short video clips) with speech, to draw immediate attention.

With this app, you can turn your visitors into prospective customers only by enabling them to listen to your pages instead of letting them read all your story in text. Just imagine that you can extend your market reach in case you are able to speak to people in their own language. Thus, you can gain more traffic as well as more sales.

How Does SpeakEz Work?

Special Features of SpeakEz:

With SpeakEz, you can draw more attention of visitors only by adding your voice to your websites. Also, you can enable your visitors to enjoy an impressive narrated audio instead of reading all of text with only a click of a mouse. In addition, there are a lot of key features of SpeakEz which you will feel satisfied when using it.

Simple  Allow visitors to seamlessly transition from reading your content, into enjoying a captivating narrated audio version they can have read to them at their leisure.

Use Anywhere  SpeakEz totally works whether synced up to a Bluetooth device, in the car, or even while multitasking with other apps.

Auto-play – Get your narration to autoplay when visitors land on your page so you can direct them to what they should do next. Combine this with a GIF, and you get your visitor to engage instantly.

Pitch Modifier – You can also change the pitch of the voice you have selected, to suite your preference.

Voice Over GIF’s  There are hundreds of GIFs in our database you can utilize for capturing attention with including Voice Overs to your GIFs.

Speed Reading – Allow your visitors to read your text in 5 times the speed by adjusting the narration speed.

One Click Play Button  With SpeakEz, visitors can navigate your audio visually by pressing the playback icons on your page.

Fully Automated  Simply select the voice you want to use, copy the code that SpeakEz has created and paste it in the Head Tag of your site, and SpeakEz places the play buttons on your site automatically.

Enter New Markets  With this product, you can enter new language markets with ease, by using our auto translation feature that will speak to in your visitors own language!

Software as a Service  This system is a cloud based service. You don’t have to install any other software, just use your login credentials, and you are ready to go.

Support – One click support desk button right inside the application.

Lifetime Access  Just pay a one-time fee now and use SpeakEz for a lifetime.

Thanks to these amazing features, you can create a capturing and professional voice over from any site as well as you can speak to your visitors who stop by your site in any of their  languages. Plus, you also create some more stunning animated videos which speak by using any of the 20 voices the producer has set up for you. That is not all; you can even create speaking animated GIFs to impress your audience.

How It Works:

Just follow some simple steps, and you will see the results instantly.

Step 1: You can simply choose the voice you wish to use.

Step 2: You need to copy the code created by SpeakEz and paste in the Head Tag of your site.

Step 3: SpeakEz will place the play buttons on your site automatically, and now you can have a speaking Page.

Why Should You Get SpeakEz Now?

SpeakEz is definitely a must-have system for those who want to drive more traffic to their site. With this product, you can create speakable pages easily, and your visitors will be able to navigate your audio visually by pressing a playback icons on your page. In addition, you can also use this anytime or anywhere on your mobile or desktop because SpeakEz will be compatible with the almost device.

Besides, when using this software, you can even create a voice over GIFs to capture attention with a library of GIFs provided for users. All you need is to search any GIF that is suitable for your campaign and add available voice or even your own voice

Additionally, you are able to enter new language markets with ease by using auto translation feature that will speak to in your visitors’ language. Some of the language you can use are English , Portuguese, Polish, Italian, French, German, Japanese, etc.

After selecting the voice, you can also change the rate of speed which the voice reads the text you have selected. With SpeakEz narration technology, you can determine the pitch of the voice that you have selected in order to decrease or increase the pitch to modify voice slightly that fits your page content.

Furthermore, you can create or choose your own play buttons to suit your page. To make it easy for the visitor to read your site, you just enable auto-play and give them the necessary calls to action, to engage them and tell them what to do.


Let’s recap what you get when purchasing SpeakEz

  • Choose from 20 different voice over characters!
  • Create animated gif’s with voice over on hoover over – with mp3 import feature!
  • Only available during this launch!
  • Create speakable pages in 3 easy steps!
  • Speak to any visitor in their own native language!
  • Create unlimited scripts for unlimited pages!
  • Lifetime access
  • Create speed reading voice overs with adjustable speed rates!
  • Change any of the character voices by changing pitch rate!
  • Enable autoplay welcome any page visitor on arrival!

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