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Social Kickstart 2.0 is a digital marketing tool that is designed for marketers to manage their Facebook fan pages.

Social Kickstart 2.0 Overview

  • Homepage: Social Kickstart 2.0  
  • Product Name: Social Kickstart 2.0
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Authors: Mark Thompson
  • Target niche: A cutting edge digital tool that every marketer needs for managing their Facebook campaigns and other social networks.
  • Official Price: $37
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    What Is Social Kickstart 2.0?

    If you manage multiple social media accounts including Facebook fan pages and groups, you know how annoying it is to manage each of them. Any marketer knows there is a fraction of real work involved in this process.

    • You constantly try to manage all of your Facebook fan pages or groups which have a different set data and metric.
    • You need to schedule posts and create ad designs for each page in the pain of the neck.
    • Available tools are limited to manage posts.
    • Reposting content from viral sources.
    • Even if you have a team of virtual assistants, you will get headache of providing them the management of every new page you created.

    Well, I think those things would be a lot simpler today with the help of Social Kickstart 2.0.

    Introducing: Social Kickstart 2.0

    Social Kickstart 2.0 is an ultimate cure to your social media neck pain. It is an all-in-one solution for your social media marketing. Social Kickstart 2.0 literally has all of tools and functionalities you need from researching audiences and viral content to publish and monetize it just from just a single dashboard.

    How Does Social Kickstart 2.0 Work?

    Special Features of Social Kickstart 2.0:

    Manage and scale Facebook fan pages faster and easier

    You can manage from 2 to 200+ fan pages from a single, simple, clean interface

    And directly reply to a comment without getting bogged down at Facebook.

    Stay “In The Know” With Insights

    You are always know the metric status of your Facebook pages and campaigns with a streamlined, bird’s eye view of all post’s dates, shares, likes, subscribers, comments, repins, followers, etc.

    Simple Content Queue Management

    The simple drag-and-drop functionality allows you to build and manage your post queue

    Facebook Drag-n-Drop Ad Maker

    Now you can stop spending money on designs and time learning how to use Photoshop because Social Kickstart enables you to create high-converting, eye-popping ad images just from one location.

    The maker does not require tech skills required, you just choose a template, add your text, drag-n-drop images, and edit the styling.


    Whenever someone clicks on your unique retargeting link, they will automatically be added to a Custom Audience so you can create hyper-targeted segments to re-market to with advertising.

    TeeSpring Research

    Advanced research tools allows you to earn knowledgeable on profitable t-shirt campaigns, which you can get inspiration, replicate, and market them to your audience.

    Engage with Unique Audiences from Multiple Social Networks

    You can schedule and post unique, viral content to big social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from one single interface at the exact same time.

    Uncover Popular Proven VIRAL Content

    Social Kickstart 2.0 allows you to uncover hyper-relevant, shareable content that works for your audience via YouTube, Facebook Pages and Groups, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and Meme Search.

    You can also view in-depth share and like counts, and schedule the content to be posted to your groups, fan pages, Twitter Feeds, and LinkedIn Posts for viral without writing any single word.

    Automated Drip Scheduling

    Automated Drip Scheduler lets you create a complete hands off Social Presence.

    You can schedule your content to automatically drip content many times a day, every day, weekly, or whatever schedule you want.

    You just need to do supply the content and Social Kickstart will automate the entire publishing schedule.

    Get More FREE Exposure and Traffic with Facebook LIVE Video Casts

    Facebook gives top news feed priority and rank to Live Videos compared to any other type of content posted on their platform. Take advantage of it!

    You can Go Live from Social Kickstart using its Pre-Recorded Videos to be scheduled as “Live” broadcasts on Facebook.

    More engagement

    Facebook users comment 10X MORE on Live videos than they do on regular video posts.

    Social Kickstart’s Live Video Casts take advantage of comments of Live videos and Facebook will instantly reward you by sending more views and traffic.

    How It Works:

    Step 1: Create a new post

    Step 2: Add your video (pre-recorded)

    Step 3: Schedule Video to “Go live”

    Step 4: Kickstart broadcast your videos on Facebook Live automatically

    Facebook sends a notification to your fans or friends as soon as you go live as well as instantly boost your views, comments, and shares.

    Why Should You Get Social Kickstart 2.0 Now?

    Social Kickstart 2.0 is a dream for Facebook marketers because it enables them to:

    • Schedule months worth of content within 30 minutes.
    • Streamline every aspect of Facebook management even smallest details
    • Easily scale campaigns across numerous niches and reduce overhead costs.
    • Completely streamline Social Marketing in two minutes

    The clean, minimalistic interface is completely web-based. Users have nothing to install and can access it from anywhere on any device.

    Users can easily and quickly manage the content they post to their Facebook Group pages. Users can both post to Fan Pages and fully schedule unlimited posts to as many Facebook Groups as they wish.

    Social Kickstart 2.0 provides users with Unlimited Posts and Usage. There are no limits based on the size of business and amount of social marketing users need to do.

    Many Internet’s Most Trusted Experts Use The Software and receive positive results

    “Huge Time Saver! Our team has been using Social Kickstart on a daily basis for over a year now. We love it! Researching viral content and scheduling literally weeks worth of content to all of our Fan Pages in a matter of 30 minutes is a massive time saver.” Ben Adkins – Founder of FearlessSocial.com

    “Perfect Service! I love Social Kickstart, because it helps us to control our Facebook pages and campaigns in a central location. It saves an awful lot of time and provides a perfect overview of the success of the campaigns. We are able to to provide a perfect service for our customers. This strengthens our presence as a social media service.” – Andreas Dohrmann (matttrix.com)

    Conclusion : 

    Social Kickstart 2.0 takes advantages of Facebook – one of the currently biggest platforms that can give you numerous of engagement. Social Kickstart 2.0 helps you to quickly build campaigns which have a truly successful presence and get you more leads and traffic. Let Social Kickstart 2.0 change the way you manage your social platforms in general and Facebook in particular.

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