Product: Fresh Bundle Master v2
Type: WordPress plugin
Price: $47.00-$97.00
Creator: Carey Baird
Summary :
Fresh Bundle Master is a WordPress plugin to easily combine Amazon products into a bundle. Add value for your visitors and combine products together in logical bundles that people frequently buy together. Easily increase your sales and commissions. Must have plugin for any serious Amazon Associate.

Sell More on Amazon by Bundling Products

What is Fresh Bundle Master v2?

Fresh Bundle Master is a WordPress plugin to easily combine Amazon products into a bundle.

The idea behind this product is that people often need related products if they buy one main product.

By bundling your products together on your blog or review site, your visitors don’t have to search for related products or wondering what else do they need.

For example. Take a camera. You probably want lenses too…

and a camera bag and maybe a book with tips on how to use the camera…

So, you help your visitors by showing them everything they need…

and you can increase your sales and commissions!

A win-win situation…

How does Fresh Bundle Master v2 works?

Step 1: Select your main Amazon product.

Step 2: Find and select the best related Amazon products.

Step 3: Customize bundle quantities, style, and Call To Action.

Step 4: Create your bundle and publish your bundle on your blog/website.

Main features of Fresh Bundle Master:

  • Easy select your products. Enter your keyword, Amazon URL or ASIN for your main product and the software automatically suggests related products based the “What other people bought/Commonly bought” algorithm.
  • Imports all relevant product data. The plugin automatically pulls in the product data (product description and reviews).
  • Auto update and API caching. The plugin checks for, replaces or removes expired products.
  • Easy Placements. Show your Bundle anywhere on your blog you want. On your post/page or in your widgets.
  • 5 Different Bundle Layouts. Choose your favorite layout and style. And your customizable Call to Action.

    • “Amount saved” on total bundle price in relation to total RRP.
    • Supports all Amazon countries.
    • 90-day Amazon cookie.
    • Add to cart functionality where customers can change quantities or remove products from bundle.
    • Mobile Responsive.

    You also get 24/7 professional support and access to a private Facebook Mastermind Group.

    Are there any shortcomings?

    Although it’s easy to select and find related products (as the software shows the commonly bought products), you don’t know whether the bundle is actually what people (will) buy together.

    If you buy the PRO version, you will get an extra feature, the One-click Auto Bundle Creator. This feature uses the Amazon algorithms for “products bought frequently together”. Now, you don’t have to think about what products to combine and you can easily create bundles from products that people actually frequently buy together within seconds.

    If I was the seller, I would have included this great feature in the front-end product. But that’s not the way it is.

    Why should you buy Fresh Bundle Master?

    Because it’s a unique WordPress plugin to easily create product bundles. You can give your visitors real value by offering any tailor-made product bundle you want. And you can do that in a professional way with different styling and placement options – that suits any theme or blog.

    I really like the feature that your visitor can add the bundle directly to their “Amazon card” with the option to first change the numbers and/or delete items from the bundle.

    The 90-day Amazon cookie is a great extra benefit too.

    Price :

    You can now buy the Fresh Bundle Master v2 Developer License for a one-time payment of $97.00. Or buy the personal License for $47.00.

    You get free updates and upgrades for life.

    The offer has a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee period.

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