Product: EZ Popups
Type: Saas Software
Price: $47.00-$297.00
Creator: Sean Donahoe
Summary :
EZ Popups is a new SaaS App to easily create highly engaging popups, sticky bars and/or slide-ins that you can show on any webpage (that you control) whenever you want and exactly the way you want them to appear on all devices. A must have tool to build your list faster and improve your conversions.

New Awesome Popup Builder

What is EZ Popups?

EZ Popups is a new SaaS App to easily create highly engaging popups, sticky bars and/or slide-ins that you can show on any webpage (that you control) whenever you want and exactly the way you want them to appear on all devices.

You can grab your visitor’s attention with any content you want. Not only for lead capture or webinar registration (Opt-in Forms) but for anything else you want to highlight or promote (like Special Deals, Discounts or Coupon Codes).

How does EZ Popup works?

It is cloud based software. So you can create your campaigns from any browser and device you want.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose your Campaign Style. You can create PopUps (smart Popup, Full Screen Overlay, Welcome Gate/Map), Slide-ins (9 positions), Sticky Bars (Top or Bottom), and In Content Popups (Embedded content or in Widget Area – if you use WordPress). And you can even use hyperlinks (clickable links inside your content) to open new popups.
  2. Choose your Template. Just select one of the 50 pre-made stunning mobile responsive designs.
  3. Customize your design with drag & drop ease.
  4. Set your trigger and targeting. Triggers are based upon visitors actions (see below).
  5. Save your template and campaign and copy the 2 lines of script code on your webpage (in the body tag). Or use the (free included) WordPress plugin and copy the code inside the settings field.

What kind of Triggers

  • On Page Load.
  • After a number of seconds.
  • On Scroll Percentage.
  • On Exit Intend.
  • On Page Close.
  • Manual. On Click/Mouse over.

And on all these triggers you can lock your popup content or add a close-window button. To unlock your popup window, your visitors have to subscribe or click on the buttons/links in the content area.

Targeting your campaigns

You can select all your website pages and select/exclude individual pages.

EZ Popups is very easy to use and you can drag and drop elements exactly the way you want it. Start with a template and just tweak some elements or start from scratch.

Some elements you can use: text, images, countdown timers, social media buttons, opt-in forms, buttons, slick entry and exit animations, embed videos and more…

Other features of EZ Popups

    • Next-Gen Drag & Drop Popup Builder. You have full design Control.
    • 50 Stunning Templates to choose from.
    • Customizable Components. You can just create ANY popup you can imagine for ANY purpose. Watch the demo video for all awesome features. For example, you can add images that do overlay the popup box, add countdown timers, use multiple step layouts/funnels (2-step opt-in) and so much more…
    • Autoresponder integration and Simultaneous Lead Connection to multiple services. Seamlessly integration with all major ESPs and webinar platforms.

Per campaign, you can even select up to 4 subscriber lists (from different services) simultaneously.

  • Fully Mobile Responsive with Innovative Mobile Builder. Preview how your campaigns will look on any device. Edit your designs specifically for mobile in just a few clicks.
  • Smart Analytics, Retargeting and Split-testing. Analyze how your opt-ins and A/B tests are performing over time and discover where your most valuable (highest converting) traffic is coming from and retarget them with laser targeted precision.
    Works on ANY website or landing page (including WordPress and eCommerce platforms as Shopify).

    What makes EZ Popups so special?

    This App has been created by looking at all other available Popup Builders and the creators wanted to include all the necessary features and the best user experience/interface as possible.

    As far as I can see, the creators especially tried to copy and improve Engagifire…

    And for a reason, because until today Engagifire was the best “overall” Popup Builder App on the market (for purpose on any web page, not just a WordPress plugin), as you can read in my review about Engagifire).

    Did the creators succeed and did they build the best Popup Builder?

    Yes, together with Engagifire, this tool is the best of the best on the market available right now.

    But to be honest, I do think the main features of Engagifire and EZ Popups can compete with each other.

    Especially if you compare the complete funnels (main front-end product and upsells) for both Engagifire and EZ Popups.

    Unfortunately, the main product features (and pricing structure) are just a little bit different for the front-end and upsells.

    At the end, there are only three main differences…

    3 features that Engagifire lacks (at the moment) and EZ Popups has:

    A) With EZ Popups you can select multiple subscriber lists from different (ESP or webinar) services. So, if your visitor subscribes, he will be automatically subscribed (to a maximum of 4) different lists.

    B) You can’t create Sticky bars (Top or Bottom Ribbons) with Engagifire.

    C) You also can’t create full page overlay popups with Engagifire.

    However, read on and see exactly what’s been included in the main front-end products and upsells to decide what features you’ll need or are just extras you don’t need.

    Are there any shortcomings?

    The creator/seller Sean Donahoe is well known and has brought several high quality products to the market as WP Profit Builder, Azon Authority, and recently LeadsFlow Pro.

    All excellent products (just click the links to read my reviews).

    I didn’t found any major bugs or program errors.

    Although the standard front-end product is great as stand-alone product, to get some great extra features you maybe want to buy the EZ Popups Plus Pack and also the EZnip add on module (“Remote Commander”/Hijack Feature” see below).

    This is a SaaS. If you rather prefer a WordPress plugin, check out my review about Thrive Leads.

    Why should you buy EZ Popups?

    EZ Popups is the best and most advanced Popup Builder App on the market right now. It’s “drag & drop” easy to use and you can create attention grabbing and astonishing popups on the fly. It has been created for and by internet marketers to build your list the easy way and improve your conversions or sales significantly. Every internet marketer needs a Popup Builder. Why settle for less and use a less effective tool instead?


    You can select out of 4 pricing options. Either select the Basic (Single Site License) for $47.00 per year, the Core (3 Site License) for $97.00, the Pro (Unlimited Personal Sites) for $197.00 per year or the Lifetime (Unlimited Personal Sites) for $297.00 (one-time payment).

    The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

    My EZ Popups Bonus

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