If you are involved in internet marking world or if you have your own website, you must know a saying “Content is King” when it comes to how to be successful in your online journey. So what does my Wizard Video Kit review have anything to do with that?

As you know, to create a good and attractive content, everyone is using images, infographics and videos. Do you know why these methods are so popular? Because they work. And most important, they are affordable for almost all bloggers.

One even better way than all of those multimedia tools are animated videos. We all love comics and animation videos. But this method is less common because it is too hard to create animation videos. You are not an artist or an editor to draw nice animation pictures and create a clip based on them. Even when you try to do it, your result clip looked like a pitiful piece of junk!

So, if you ever need to create a video clip, you might want to check out my Wizard Video Kit review to have an idea if you should use this product to create your clip, or hire a team to do that for you for about couple hundred bucks, or just give up the idea for good.

Wizard Video Kit Overview

Creator: Deni Iskandar
Product Name: Wizard Video Kit V2
Official Price: $17


As mentioned above, Wizard Video Kit is a collection of video templates, that allow Wizard Video Kit Reviews you to customize your video using your own information. With a huge collection of video templates, you can easily find your wanted templates to customize. If you can not, you might want to reconsider your video idea… Lol, after all, you already bought this product, you need to use it to its fullest potential, don’t you?

Wizard Video Kit V2 is a huge bundle of 7 Video Kit bundle which comprise of PowerPoint Video Templates, Animated Characters, Static Characters, Stock Images and more! Video Storytelling is one of the most powerful techniques to engage users and turn them into customers.


Of course its main purpose is to create videos for you. But what kind of video? Would you be needing any kind of those videos at all? You certainly don’t want to spend money on something you never use.

Ok, so take a look at all the modules in this collection.

Module 1: Promotion Product Templates

Module 2: Explainer Video Templates

Module 3: Social Media Video Templates

Module 4: Intro & Outro Video Templates

Module 5: Animated Characters

Module 6: Static Characters

Module 7: Stock Images

Sure..sure..sure. I should have input pictures or their preview clips in here so you can have a better look, but there are so many of them I cannot select which one might catch your eyes. So take a look at the sales page to see for yourself.

Wait, I can put a picture here so you can see its huge collection.

Wizard Video Kit


Can you do other stuff rather than making clips using this product? Sure you can.

Can you make videos without purchasing this product? Hell yeah.

So why in the world do I need to purchase it? Because I tell you to do so. Lol.

No, not really. Maybe because I can tell you why you should use it. I’m not saying you need this product, but I’m saying you should consider using it. Here is why.

Blogging or making a website isn’t about you. It is about your audience. Everyone knows that.

It is crucial that your content is attractive enough to keep your audience stay in your site. If you don’t have such content, it takes them less than 1 second to close your site for good.

One greatest way to create attractive content for your audience is to use as many media tools as possible. Images, cartoon, cute pets, nice pictures, videos… all of them work. But perhaps the most comprehensive and advanced way is to use videos.

By using videos, you do not need to write so much, just create the animated characters and let them do the speak for you. Your audience can take it and retain your information through the clips for months.

If they like your videos, it is likely that they will return. Now we all know about what happen with recurring audience, don’t we? They are your key to success.

Ok, so it is important to use videos and clips for my blog. But why Wizard Video Kit?

Because all the clips are made for you already. You can make a very little effort to edit the templates and your clips are all set! Besides, it is very cheap compared with hiring a team to do that, or compare with your working hours.


I’m not going to give you 100% recommendation to buy this product. You will count on your own thought anyway. But if you are thinking of making a clip somehow, think of this product first. Think all the money and time you can save and use them for bigger plan.

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