Product: Instamate 2.0
Type: Software + Training
Price: $37.00-$47.00
Creator: Luke Macquire
Summary :
New web based app to easily Find, Edit, Upload, Post, Schedule, Engage and Monetize Viral Content to Instagram on complete Autopilot. Schedule (unlimited) posts to Instagram from your PC/MAC or laptop. You won’t need an app or your mobile phone to get access to Instagram via Android or IOS. Huge time saver and super tool to attract followers, get likes/comments and get free traffic from Instagram.

Find, Edit, Upload, Post, Schedule, Engage and Monetize Viral Content to Instagram on complete Autopilot


What is Instamate 2.0?

Instamate 2.0 is the latest version of Instamate (version 1.0 came to the market about a year ago and is one of the all-time best-sellers on JVZoo).

In essensce Instamate is an all-in-one Instagram marketing app. It’s a Chrome Extension to easily and automatically post or schedule (viral) content (i.e. images or short videos) to your Instagram accounts from your PC/Laptop without the need to use your mobile phone to take/upload and/or edit your photos/images.

And now Instamate 2.0 comes with powerful updates such as:

  • Story uploads – both image and video.
  • Emoji integration.
  • Account management.
  • Even MORE free content resources.
  • Automated scheduled posts.
  • Carousel posts (the latest new Instagram feature).
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    With Instamate 2.0 you can find the most viral content published on Instagram in seconds. Use one of the four tabs (Instagram Finder, Trending, Discover or Popular Tags) and just enter your keyword (or hashtag) and the software pops out the most popular/trending fan pages (i.e. Instagram profiles) and related most used hashtags.Now you can dig deeper and with one click (on the profile name or hashtag) you’ll see and can explore the top performing posts with the most likes and comments.

    Of course with just one main goal…

    to repurpose and post the most viral content on your own Instagram accounts.

    Each Instagram post pops up with 3 or 4 buttons on the image:

    • [Upgrade feature] Image Edit Button. This image editor seamlessly integrates within Instamate. Now you can edit the selected image (before you post it on your Instagram account) and use the standard Instagram image filters and add your text, logo and/or watermark to the image. (You only see this editing button if you buy the first upsell Instamate Image Editor) ($37.00).
    • Post/Schedule Button. Simply click on the pink button, add your text (and or hash tags) and hit post for immediately posting or select your time/date for scheduled postings.
    • Download Button to download the image to your PC.
    • Info Button with profile name, number of likes/comments and used hash tags.

    Main features of Instamate:

    • Web-based browser. Hence it works on both Mac and PC, and on any device with internet connection.
    • 5 Accounts (Launch week only). You’ll get 5 lifetime Chrome browser accounts that uses your own IP address (less risk for a ban by Instagram because you won’t share your IP address with “spamming” marketers).
    • Gorgeous and Highly Effective User Interface. This software is super easy to use, no experience needed.
    • Instagram Finder. Easily find the top Instagram posts and hash tags for your keyword/niche.
    • Trending Topics Finder. Easily find the most trending topics on Instagram and Twitter (bonus feature during launch).
    • Discover Profiles and Popular Hash Tags. Easily find the top profiles and hash tags for your keyword/niche. With one click you can copy all related and most used hash tags to use for your own posts.
    • Download (popular) images. With one click you can download any popular image you found to your PC.
    • Post & Schedule (with Preview feature). You can post/schedule Images, Videos, and/or Stories.
    • [Upgrade feature] Edit Image. Use the built-in Image Editor to add your text, CTA’s, logo’s and/or watermark.
    • Upload your own content. Just select your image from your PC and hit upload.
    • Account Management & Direct Messaging. Send direct messages and instantly manage all conversations in one central dashboard.
    • Engage with your audience by liking, commenting and following your target market.
    • Fully integrated with Instagram API.

    Are there any shortcomings?

    Not really, this is a great piece of software. Of course, it would be nice if the sellers had included the Image Editor in the front-end product.

    Just be aware. Because it’s a Chrome extension, you can only use Instamate with the Chrome browser.

    Something you should also know. Your Chrome browser must be running (i.e. opened on your PC) at the time(s) your post(s) has been scheduled. Otherwise, the scheduled post just won’t be published.

    Another thing to consider is that to create a new Instagram account, you can’t do that from within the software. You have to do that from your mobile phone. (Or you need to set up BlueStacks and use Proxy Cap with Instagram Proxies – not easy to do, so I would advise you to use the easy sign-up/register steps to Instagram from your mobile.)

    Anyway, if you have your Instagram account setup, you can easily connect it to Instamate with just a few clicks.

    The software is super fast and easy to use and you really get great results.

    Up to now, for most internet marketers I know, it was difficult to make money and get free traffic via Instagram. With Instamate this will be much easier. Of course, it will depend on your niche. But with over 400 million active Instagram users, you will definitely find people interested in your products or services.

    Comparable products

    Update: Instamate was the first all-in-one Instagram marketing application. Recently GramKosh and InstaPilot came to the market.

    Both are cloud-based apps where you won’t need a Chrome browser extension. In my opinion a huge advantage because for scheduled posts it isn’t necessary that your Chrome browser is operating (i.e. your PC is on).

    The only way to solve this with Instamate 2.0 is to buy the Instamate Premium Upgrade ($37.00 or $297.00 p/y). With this upgrade, you’ll get Dedicated IPs for 5 accounts allowing you to schedule unlimited content in advance (up to one year) without the need to login into Instamate again (and without your Chrome browser up-and-running).

    That said, I like Instamate 2.0 especially for finding hot trending topics/hashtags and easy downloading of (popular) images. This is where Instamate beats InstaPilot and GramKosh. Please read my review about InstaPilot where I compare Gramkosh with InstaPilot.

    Why should you buy Instamate 2.0?

    Because you can use this app from your PC/MAC or laptop and perform any “Instagram task” you want. And you won’t need an app or your mobile phone to get access to Instagram via Android or IOS.

    This is an all-in-one app. You won’t need any other software to find, edit, and post/schedule (viral) content and monetize your Instagram accounts.

    For me, the best feature is the exploring feature (find topics, trends, images, hashtags) and easily repurpose (and edit) them for your own posts.

    Up to date, you had to use different software, like editing software or additional apps to what you now can with Instamate.

    So this software is a huge time saver, but most and for all, you can now easily get laser-targeted free traffic by using Instagram the most efficient way.

    And you can get this amazing software tool now for an unbelievable low…

    Price :

    For a limited time, Instamate 2.0 will be sold for a one-time fee at $37.00-$47.00 (price increases during launc).

    After the special price period ends, this software will probably be sold on a monthly basis.

    So don’t wait too long. Watch the timer on the sales page.

    The licenses give full membership for a one-time payment. No monthly fee.

    You can use the license for one Instagram account. However, during the launch, you get a license for 5 Instagram accounts.

    (If you need a license for more than 3 Instagram accounts, you can upgrade with a 20 Instagram accounts (final upsell, see below))

    The offer has a 14 days no questions money back guarantee period.

    And additional to that, if you use this software for 60 days, work with Luke personally (or his support team) and STILL don’t get any results, Luke will DOUBLE your money back.

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