Product : Engagifire
Type : Cloud-based Software
Price : $77.00
Summary :

Engagifire is a software tool to easily create highly engaging popups and slide-ins as Push-Notifications, Opt-in Form Overlays and Exit Offers on any website. A must have tool to build your list faster and improve your conversions.

The Ultimate Popup/Slide-in Builder


What is Engagifire?

Engagifire is a software tool to easily create highly engaging popups and slide-ins as Push-Notifications, Opt-in Form Overlays and Exit Offers on any website.

It is cloud based software. So you can create your campaigns from any browser and device you want. After creating your campaign you have 2 options to publish your campaign:

1. Use the script and paste it into your (HTML) page.
2. Use the WordPress plugin and enter just your shortcode ID.

How does Engagifire works?

Just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Choose your template. Just select one of the 30 pre-made stunning mobile responsive designs.
  2. Customize your design with drag & drop ease. Create any design you want with the 30 Builder Components.
  3. Set your trigger and targeting. Triggers are based upon visitors actions (see below).

What kind of Triggers

  • On Page Load.
  • After a number of seconds.
  • On Scroll Percentage.
  • On Exit Intend.
  • On Page Close.
  • Manual. On Click/Mouse over. (Elite Upgrade Feature)

And on all these triggers you can lock your content. To unlock your visitors have to enter their email address.

Targeting your campaigns

You can select all your website pages and select/exclude individual pages. But for a limited time you get the extra feature Remote Commander. With the Remote Commander you can place your popups or slide-ins on websites you don’t control!

Yes, you can send your visitors (via your hyperlink) to outside webpages. Your visitors won’t notice the difference between the original webpage and your hijacked page. So you can monetize on the authority of other pages. (Yes exactly like Absolute Jacker does)

Engagifire is very easy to use and you can drag and drop elements exactly the way you want it. Start with a template and just tweak some elements or start from scratch.

Some elements you can use: text, images, countdown timers, social media buttons, optin forms, buttons, slick entry and exit animations, embed videos (YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, DailyMotion and Youku) and more…

Or use the special widgets for promoting Amazon products, TeeSpring T-shirts or your own products with the one-click PayPal integration feature.

Other features of Engagifire

  • Next-Gen Drag & Drop Builder. You have full design Control.
  • 30+ Stunning Templates to choose from.
  • 30 Customizable Components. You can just create ANY popup you can imagine for ANY purpose.
  • Amazon, TeeSpring & PayPal Integration.
  • Autoresponder integration. Seamlessly integration with all major ESPs.
  • Short code. You can place the short code on your posts, pages or in widget areas.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive with Innovative Mobile Builder. Preview how your campaigns will look on any device. Edit your designs specifically for mobile in just a few clicks.
  • Smart Analytics. Analyze how your opt-ins and A/B tests are performing over time and discover where your most valuable (highest converting) traffic is coming from.
  • Works on ANY website or landing page without touching a single line of code.
  • Remote Commander. Hijack authority websites and their posts. Share viral/authority posts on Social Media with your popups/slide-ins showing up! See the video below (if you buy the Unlimited Site License, you get the Remote Commander for free).

What makes Engagifire so special?

The drag and drop builder in combination with the built-in templates make it so easy to create beautiful and high converting popups/slide-ins with just a few clicks. It’s just unbelievable. You don’t need a designer or any technical experience at all. Also the 3 promotional widgets for integration of TeeSpring, Amazon products and PayPal are features, I have never seen before in any popup builder.

Are there any shortcomings?

This software is just released and I really love it. I didn’t found any major bugs or program errors.

The creators Stuart and Tom are well known and have brought several high quality products to the market as Fanboom and Traffic Funnlr.

I personally don’t like upsells to get extra features in the software. I want to buy the best package right away. And although the standard front-end product is great as stand-alone product, to get all the great features you first have to buy the PRO version and then the Elite version (see below). But hey, at least you know now what you get and can decide what you really need.

If you compare this software with Thrive Leads, I like the built-in templates more and Thrive lacks the promotional widgets (for TeeSpring and Amazon). Also Thrive has no hijacking feature.

On the other side, because I mostly use WordPress I would rather have a WordPress plugin and you can’t create CTA bars (Ribbons) with Engagifire.

But whatever you buy, Thrive or Engagifire, both are super tools to monetize your website visitors. You just need a popup builder. Period.

Finally you can’t make full page overlay popups as for example the specialized plugin Stakk does.

Why should you buy Engagifire?

Engagifire is a great tool for any internet marketer who wants to show high converting popups/slide-ins on any website you want.

Especially if you take into account the low…

Price :

You can select either a Single Site License for $77.00 per year, or the 5 Site License for $127.00 per year or get the Unlimited License for $197.00 per year. If you buy the unlimited license you get the Remote Commander for free. This feature allows you to place your popups on any site you want (sites you don’t control – hijacking feature).

The offer has a 30 day no questions money back guarantee period.

Update: you now can buy the whole suite of “fire” products: Captifire, Engagifire and Amplifire, called WishLoop with a huge discount.

Read my review about Wishloop to see all the details.

My Engagifire Bonus

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