Product: LiveCaster
Type: PC Windows Desktop App 
Price: $9.95 p/mo
Creators: Cyril “Jeet” Gupta
Summary :
New easy desktop tool to schedule or immediately play pre-recorded videos as Live Streaming videos on Facebook or YouTube.

Go Live With Any Pre-Recorded Video


What is LiveCaster?

LiveCaster is a new desktop application (only for Windows PCs) that allows you to easily broadcast immediately or schedule pre-recorded videos as Live streaming videos on both Facebook and YouTube.

Actually, you’ll get 2 applications that are almost identically. One for Facebook and the other for YouTube.

This is how it works…

Step 1 Connect LiveCaster to your Facebook Profile, Pages & Groups and YouTube Channels

In your setting, you only have to connect these once. Just follow the easy to do steps and create your YouTube/Facebook App (2 minutes work) and enter your App ID and secret code.

Step 2 Select any pre-recorded video from your PC

Just upload the video inside LiveCaster.

Step 3 Schedule or Go Live with one Click

And inside your dashboard you can see the status of all your uploaded, scheduled and finished videos. You can even reschedule or go live again with your prior “finished” videos.

Main features of LiveCaster

  • Cast to Facebook Groups (5), Pages (5), Personal Feeds (5) or to YouTube Channels (3) directly or schedule your videos for later live streaming.
  • Cast 2 videos simultaneously (unlimited with Pro version).
  • Live cast from your own IP address. No need of any third party software. Works independently. Hence, no risks from bad usage of other users (with less reach or bans as result).
  • Works with most video formats by converting them into streaming video.
  • Select your frame rate and bit rate for the best quality (or “good enough quality” if you have slow internet connection).
  • Easy Dashboard that shows uploaded videos, scheduled videos, finished videos, connected social accounts, log report, settings (connection to Facebook and YouTube), help tutorials.

    Why not just go Live with OBS?

    Of course, you can go Live on Facebook and YouTube without using LiveCaster. For example, you can use the free tool OBS Studio.

    However, OBS is a little bit technical to use and takes some time to really understand (and you have to learn OBS and find out all features yourself because there is no support as with LiveCaster).

    LiveCaster is so easy to use – literally a one-click software, so you don’t need any tutorial at all (you’ll only need to watch the 3 minute video how to create your Facebook app).

    But most and for all, you can’t schedule your videos with OBS.

    Are there any shortcomings?

    With the standard, main front-end product, you’ll get one user account and you can use up to 5 Facebook Pages/Groups/Profiles and up to 3 YouTube Channels. And you can live cast 2 videos simultaneously.

    Probably enough for most of you to start with. But you can upgrade to the LiveCaster Pro with less restrictions (see below under Upsells and OTO for all details).

    Furthermore, as far as I understand, for scheduled live streaming, your PC needs to be up and running at the moment you want to play your video. The actual casting will be done on the background, but you can’t just switch off your computer while you are casting.

    Another point to mention is, that Facebook and YouTube have created live videos because of the extra user engagement at the time of recording (i.e. streaming of the video).

    Not only to show your live video at the right moment, but also to interact with comments, likes and other engagement…

    Hence, if you’ll do a live stream with a pre-recorded video, be sure you can respond to your viewers in real-time. Otherwise, you’ll “loose” viewers soon.

    Why should you buy LiveCaster?

    Because LiveCaster is an awesome desktop application for going Live immediately or scheduling pre-recorded videos as Live streaming videos on both Facebook and YouTube.

    It’s just about PERFECT for any Video Marketer who want to be sure that his/her Live Stream videos will look great, get the best engagement, and are shown at the right moment without the possibilities of making mistakes or creating live videos with low or bad quality.

    Also, live videos often are ranking higher in the search results of YouTube and Search Engines. Plus live videos will usually get more views on Facebook and YouTube.

    Price + Coupon

    You can get access to LiveCaster for a monthly fee of $9.95.

    This offer has a full money back guarantee period of 30 days.


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