Product: GramKosh
Type: Cloud-based App
Price: $42.00-$77.00
Creators: Jai Sharma & GeekoTech
Summary :
New Instagram Marketing Suite. Schedule/Post Instagram Stories, Images and Videos directly via your Desktop! Includes built-in image editor, Instafeed (convert one Bio Link into multiple links), feature to add 30 hashtags to the first comment, hashtag finder, and extra browser extension for easy downloading of images from other profiles. Must have tool for any serious Instagram marketer!

Complete Instagram Marketing Suite


What is GramKosh?

GramKosh is a web-based app to use and manage your Instagram account(s) from your desktop (or laptop). You can post or schedule Instagram stories, images, and videos directly from your dashboard without having to use your mobile phone.

Plus GramKosh has some great extra features as Built-in Image Editor, Emoji Integration, and the possibiltiy to add up to 30 hashtags in the first comment at the same moment you pubish your post.

And drumroll…

A new very clever monetization option called Instafeed, aka Custom Domain.

What is Instafeed?

As online marketers, you probably want to post promotional offers on your Instagram account with redirects to your sale, pre-sell, review, or squeeze page. And as you know, you can’t use hyperlinks inside your Instagram posts.

The usual workaround is to ask your followers to read your Instagram Bio, the only place where you are allowed to have one hyperlink. But this way, you’ll have to change that link over and over again to match any new offer.

So, this is what the creators of GramKosh came up with…

Inside your GramKosh dashboard, you can create a Custom Domain, a separate mobile friendly web page (hosted for you on the domain) where you can “re-post” (a summary of) your Instagram individual (promotional) images. But this time these images are clickable!

Hence, you can use a different redirect URL for each image.

You can select out of three Page templates, and the default one is an Instagram look-alike template.

Why the name Instafeed?

Because you can select your prior published Instagram images to “feed” your Custom Domain.

This way you can create an eCom Store, (review) Site, Blog, or Instagram look-alike Site with (a summary or all) your Instagram postings but this time with clickable links.

All you have to do is to refer to your Instagram Bio (that contains a (cloaked) hyperlink to your Custom Domain).

Do you want to see a Custom Domain example?

Open up my new Instafeed (and Follow me on Instagram).

As you can see, you can even add one extra text or HTML block in your Instafeed.

I used this option for a welcome message (to extend my Bio). But you can also use an opt-in form to build your list.

Main features of GramKosh

  • Easy to use Dashboard and User Interface. This app is super easy to use and comes with clear video tutorials.
  • 3 Plans. You can use GramKosh on either 1 or 3 Instagram Accounts.
  • Post/Schedule Instagram Stories directly via your desktop.
  • Post/Schedule Instagram Images directly via your desktop.
  • Post/Schedule Instagram Videos directly via your desktop.
  • Auto Post/Schedule Hashtags in first comment (up to 30 hashtags).
  • Custom Domain/Instafeed. Select one of the 3 templates and create your Instagram Synced E-Com Store, Affiliate Site, Blog or Website.
  • Built-in Image Editor with Instagram look-alike filters.
  • Stats & Analytics about your Account and Posts. Stats as Total Followers, Follower Growth, Follower Change, Followers Gained, Followers Lost, Number of Posts, Interactions Post, Engagement Rate, and Profile Engagement Rate. Plus you’ll get extra stats about your Custom Domain (link tracking – number of clicks on your images).

    Are there any shortcomings?

    With the Basic Plan, you can connect one Instagram account and you can post/schedule unlimited stories/images/videos.

    If you want to connect more Instagram accounts, on the main front-end sales page, you can also select the Premium (3 Accounts).

    Probably enough for most of you to start with. But if you need more than 3 Instagram Accounts, you can upgrade with 3 extra accounts and buy the Pro version (first upsell) or get the Developer License (second upsell).

    The main front-end allows you to easily post/schedule but has no features for building your Instagram “tribe”.

    Therefore, you can upgrade to GramKosh Pro (first upsell) that allows you to Auto (Un)Follow, Like, Comment and more (see below).

    The Custom Domain (Instafeed) is hosted for you on a domain owned by the sellers. If you want to use your own domain, this is a Pro feature.

    But what about the app itself?

    I bought this app myself (I even bought the Developers (White Label) License) and I’m still testing it (mainly because I had no Instagram account up to now).

    So far, I find the app easy to use and everything works fine.

    I didn’t find any major bugs or shortcomings.

    The only thing I found was that some special characters entered in GramKosh were not recognized by Instagram. For example, the “&” character was displayed as %amp; – the HTML code for this character. I could not adjust that in GramKosh but could edit it on my mobile (so no big deal).

    I don’t know whether this has to do with my Chrome browser settings or keyboard settings or is a little bug in the app.

    Overall I really like GramKosh.

    Why should you buy GramKosh?

    Because GramKosh is an awesome app for using and managing your Instagram accounts from one central dashboard accessible from your desktop. You can easily post/schedule all your stories, images and videos without having to log in from your mobile or get access to Instagram via Android or IOS. And if you’ll upgrade to the Pro version, you can perform multiple tasks on autopilot as Auto (Un)Follow, Like, Comment, and more. With the extra features as the Custom Domain, Image Editor, Emoji Integration and Hashtag in first Comment poster, you’ll have everything you’ll need to kill it on Instagram to build your “Tribe” and monetize Instagram as never before.

    It’s just about PERFECT for Marketers, Affiliates or anyone who wants to build their tribe via Instagram!

    Price + Discount

    You can get the regular GramKosh Basic Plan (one Instagram account) for just $47.00. Or you can get the GramKosh Premimum Plan (3 Instagram accounts and extra support/training) for $67.00.


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