Product: EmailFindr       
Type: Cloud-based App                                        
Price: $27.00-$37.00
Creator: Ankur Shukla
Summary :
New Cloud-based App for retrieving unknown email addresses and social profiles by entering someones name and company website URL. As temporarily extra bonus you’ll also get 2 tools to find Business Leads from Google or Facebook. And with the PRO version you’ll get a complete Email Marketing Toolbox

New Email Marketing Toolbox with Email and Business Leads Finder

What is EmailFindr?

EmailFindr is a new cloud-based app consisting of several email and marketing tools as:

  • Email Finder (see below).
  • Facebook Leads Finder (see below).
  • Google Leads Finder (see below).
  • [Pro Feature] Email Finder Pro (aka Email Digger). Find all possible Emails related to a domain name or website (and if found, in some cases even get their social profiles).
  • [Pro Feature] Spam Words Checker. Stop sending emails that land in the spam box, and replace spam words to improve your delivery rates.
  • [Pro Feature] Email Formatter. Format your emails in the best way (with maximum number of characters per line).
  • [Pro Feature] Email Extractor. Extract Emails from any kind of content you want. Just Copy, Paste, and Press ONE Button, and all the email addresses in that text will be extracted.
  • [Pro Feature] Email Validator. Paste a list of emails into the box, Press the button and all emails will be validated/verified and you can download all the VALID emails in 1-CLICK.
  • [Pro Feature] Headline Generator. Just enter your keyword and get 400+ new Head/Subject Lines for your Blog Posts, Emails or other Content with one click.
  • [Pro Feature] Spam Score. Besides avoiding individual spam words (see the spam words checker), this tool gives you the overall spam score of your message.
  • [Pro Feature] Email Countdown Timers. Create unlimited countdown timers and insert them into your email campaigns for maximum results.

The Email Finder tool is for retrieving someones email address and social profiles if you’ll know his name and know a company name/URL he is working for.

This is how it works…

Just enter the name of the person and the URL of the company he is working for or connected to, and hit summit…

That’s all… And as a result you will get something like this…

All your searches are automatically saved and you can view previous searches.

And the best part, you can download all your (previous) searches into a csv-file at any time you want .

How reliable are the found email addresses?

With every search, the system will give a “certainty score”. Most of the times the system comes up with a 100% certainty score.

In case you’ll get a lower score, you can do a new search with another company URL. Or decide whether you want to “take the risk” and use this email address yes or no.

Temporarily Bonus: The 2 Business Leads Finder apps

The Facebook Leads Finder allows you to find up to 500 Business Leads per search. Just enter your keyword and city/area/country location. You’ll get all details as in the image below:

The Google Leads Finder allows you to find up to 60 Business Leads per search. This time you can also add the distance in miles for your local searches as extra criteria.

I don’t know about you, but these 2 Business Lead Finders alone are worth your investment.

So far, the description of the 3 main tools included in the main front-end product.

But there is more…

Email Findr PRO :

As first upgrade, you can either just buy the Email Digger tool ($47.00) or buy the complete PRO package consisting out of Email Digger plus 7 other Email Marketing tools ($67.00).

For me a no-brainer, for an extra investment of $20.00 more, you’ll get these 7 tools: Spam Words Checker, Email Formatter, Email Extractor, Email Validator, Headline Generator, Spam Score, and Email Countdown Timers.

(Note: you first have to buy the main front-end product first before you can buy the PRO upgrade)

Are there any shortcomings?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think the creators shouldn’t name this app EmailFindr because it’s more a complete Email Marketing Toolbox that also has the feature to easily find unknown email addresses.

For me, I don’t think I will use the email finder tool that much, but the other tools are awesome…

Maybe, you won’t need a Spam Word Checker and/or Spam Score Checker because your ESP/Autoresponder has these features included, and probably your “fake” emails will bounce anyway (be in mind it’s better to avoid them), but the other tools can and will definitely improve your email marketing results.

I tested the software, I found no bugs. It does what it’s supposed to do. It’s reliable and shows the results fast.

Why should you buy EmailFindr?

Because EmailFindr is a great Email Marketing Toolbox with apps to not only find unknown email addresses, or to extract emails from a single domain (Email Digger) or a piece of content (Email Extractor), but also to find new (Local) Business Leads, and to improve your email marketing with better (formatted) content (with proven headlines, less spam words, lower spam score, countdown timer) and finally for only sending emails to real existing email addresses (email validator). All resulting in higher delivery and open rates.

You have everything under one roof accessible from any device with internet connection.

It’s just about PERFECT for any Email Marketer or anyone who wants to easily find email addresses and business leads!

Price :

During launch, you can get access to EmailFindr with Lifetime Access for a one-time payment of just $27.00-$37.00. (The price goes up during launch)

After the launch is over, the price will rise substantially.

Note: EmailFindr uses a credit system. With each request/search for an email address you’ll use one credit point (only if the app really can find any email address). And for using the Email Digger functionality (PRO upgrade) you’ll “pay” 3 credits per search (but you can sometimes obtain hundreds of emails – dependable on the size of the company).

With EmailFindr Lifetime Access, you’ll get 1,000 Search Credits and you can create Unlimited Lists.

(If you’re running out of credits, you can buy extra credits from inside the app)

This offer has a full money back guarantee period of 30 days.

Upsells and OTOs

The first upsell is the possibility to upgrade to EmailFindr PRO ($47.00-67.00).

As described above, you can choose for just the Email Digger functionality ($47.00) or get access to the other 7 tools as well ($67.00).

As second upsell, you can access to Email Genie ($17.00-$27.00 p/mo). This module gives access to a massive email library of 13,000+ prior emails from well know internet marketers to get ideas for your own email subjects. It also give access to 200+ new Swipes and 50+ new Cold Emails every month. Included is the 5 Touch Point – Cold Email Sequence Generator that lets you create 5 touch point emails in 1-Click. Plus you will get the Swipe Finder Tool and the Niche Idea Tool.

As third upsell, you can get access to the EmalFindr MasterClass ($27.00-$37.00). Inside you’ll learn how to improve your email marketing with the tools and how Ankur (the seller/creator of EmailFindr) gets incredible results with his email marketing campaigns.

The fourth upsell allows you to get the EmailFindr Agency Rights ($47.00-$67.00). Now you can give your clients access to EmailFindr. You can create sub users for them and charge them any amount of fees you want.

The final upsell allows you to get the Resell Rights to sell EmailFindr ($67.00-$97.00). Now you can sell EmailFindr and keep 100% of the income yourself.

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