TrafficSnap Review and Bonus;

TrafficSnap ($27.00-$37.00)
Creator: Cyril “Jeet” Gupta

New web based software tool to monitor and manage your Twitter account(s) from one dashboard. Not only can you immediately post and/or schedule your status updates, but most and for all, you can easily find new tweets based upon keywords and/or hashtags. With as main goal to take proper (individual or bulk) actions as easily Follow (the sender(s), Reply (with personal messages), and Retweet. Perfect tool to increase your number of Twitter followers, get new leads, connect to influencers, and get free traffic via Twitter. Read my full review

TrafficSnap PRO Upgrade ($47.00)
TrafficSnap Agency ($37.00)
TrafficSnap Reseller License ($47.00-$67.00)